Monday, September 27, 2021

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Parents Meeting Organised By Red Eagles F.C

 It was a great honour to have received an invitation to speak during the parents' meeting organized by Red Eagles Football Club Management. Red Eagles F.C is a community football team using sports as a tool to drive social change. In July 2021 the team was officially registered as a community based organization that will address issues beyond football. 

Their main aim is to nurture responsible citizen starting with the young people. Below are a few highlights of the agenda; 

  1.  Red Eagles registration as a Community Based Organization, Vision, Values, philosophy, achievement, challenges,. Programme and why it was formed. 
  2. The parents' role in nurturing and supporting their children, especially during holidays and after school hours. 
  3. How Red Eagles F.C engages the players in different programs on and off the field. It is important that parents take an active role in their children's development and not to leave the entire responsibility to teachers and community. 
 As I had shared with the parents, children needs parents support on 360 degrees meaning at home, at school and also ensure they attend the out of school program like the ones offered by Red Eagles F.C, and Wilsen initiative which seek to promote young people's well being through training, mentorship and exposure visit. I would urge all the teams based Mathare North especially from U10 to U15 to emulate this type of programming that consider parents as an important pillar in matter football development. 

Red Eagle F.C keep the good work you're doing! +throughMylens Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur