Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Generation Y–Z Constants and the Youth Effect.

Is the quality of living improving for today's youth? According to me, there are still many struggles to be overcome, including a lack of chances, mentorship, and underemployment, to name just a few. 

 Many young people battle in life to identify and choose their paths because so much of what they do is influenced by their families, friends, communities, and society at large. Life isn't meant to be a straight path, of course, and sometimes we do get what we want, but only after being compelled by circumstances to be happy with what we have. 

Today, I want to talk about eleven things that I experienced, growing in the underserved communities in Nairobi, which also served as inspiration for me to found the Wilsen Initiative (Wi). Here are the eleven difficulties I faced, which are typical of many young people. 
  1.  Not knowing what I wanted to do. 
  2.  A lot of copy and paste. 
  3. No career mentors in my network. 
  4. The future was blurry whereby juggling more than one thing randomly to survive. 
  5. No strategy for self discovery and talent utilization. 
  6. Peer pressure based on career prospects. 
  7. No guidance on how to relate with money (save and invest). 
  8. Not knowing what career paths to take.
  9. Not knowing my key areas of strengths and areas of improvement.
  10. Lack of awareness on networking, personal branding and self marketing. 
  11. Lack of knowledge and skills to spot opportunities. 
 I'm happy to report that as I write this article, I've been able to overcome everything, and I wish that had been the case when I was a teenager. However, it's never too late. 

In light of my experience, I'm currently providing training sessions under the name +throughMylens / Consult that aim to address all of the aforementioned issues as well as others that young people encounter. A Critical Skill in the Disruptive Society is Time Management. 

 " Time never speeds up or slows down; it is consistent from season to season. It's time to assess what you do to determine where you spend the most time wasting." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur 

 Get in touch today for a session with your team. 
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Three Areas That Will Attract Opportunities On Side.

Stop sending arbitrary resumes to any job opportunities you come across. First, evaluate your performance in light of the three areas that have the most potential for the upcoming chance. 

 Here we go... 

1. What You Know 
 - Skills, Knowledge, Information, Experiences etc.

2. Who You Know - These are individuals from various walks of life who serve as coaches, referees, supporters, mentors, and collaborators. potential employers, etc. Remember your network if your net-worth. 

3. What You Love To Do - The source of many things, including passion, vision, energy, commitment, and follow-through, is doing what you enjoy. As they say, experience is the best teacher. 

Having completed the three pillars, I'm still motivated to keep improving so I can seize the few available chances. 

 Free Master Session

 I have 5 hours available next month to speak with a gathering of organized young people about the same topic in more detail. 

Target group:- CBO, School, Youth led institutions or self help groups. Get in touch today, the offer is valid untill 15th March 2023. 

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Monday, February 20, 2023

A Great Football Coach

As a former football player, I am aware that there are more from various contexts, but these are my top ten characteristics of a great football coach. 

 Here we go... 
  1.  They select their first eleven based on merit. Predictability helps the players prepare for the matches, and there is frequently tight competition for slots in the starting lineup.
  2.  They make strategic substitutions among the starting eleven and the substitute. 
  3. When they lose a game, they accept the outcome knowing they contributed to it. 
  4. Both in private and public, they value excellence. They have excellent communication skills and a strong sense of professionalism.
  5. They may correct in front of others, but they are also careful with their language to avoid demoralising the players. 
  6. They frequently consult, particularly with the technical bench.
  7. They have a thirst for knowledge and know when not to give up ( lifelong learners). 
  8. They have a distinct philosophy that players may relate to. They have a wonderful personality that helps them develop relationships with the athletes on the field. 
  9. They never disparage other players, whether they are around or not. 
  10. They are capable of handling pressure from any direction. 

"A great coach would work with any player who is present for the game and will never regret those outstanding players who are not there." - Wilson Masaka 

 " Sometimes we criticize the players just as much for poor performance. Fielding the players is the exclusive responsibility of the coach in charge, and they should share some of the blame for losing a game." - Wilson Masaka 

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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Money Matters

Life Series... +throughMylens Money Matters. #YouthAndMoney Dealing with money may be difficult, especially in this difficult economic climate. One of the skills you must have is the ability to manage your finances. Most of us need money to live comfortably, but did you know that there are some people who don't actually need to work because their money does the work for them? Consider this illustration in a broader context. A) Those who look for money; - Job seekers. - Employees. - Short term savings. - Mostly one revenue source. B) Those who have their money working for them. - Passive income. - Multiple investments. - Multiple revenue sources. - Valuable brand. - Pacesetters in an industry. - Long terms saving plans + investment. Knowledge Gap! I'm now battling in category A, but one day I'll move up to category B; in the meantime, I urge you to join me on this adventure as we both learn vital lessons. If you're interested in learning more, contact me to schedule a master season with your youth group. Nevertheless, keep in mind that not everyone will be the lucky winner of the jackpot. Do More / Be More / Be Different. www.wilsenx.blogspot.com

Friday, February 17, 2023

Capture The Moments and Tell Your Story!

A photo is worth a thousand words, and I offer each power shot for less than 1$. Do you need memorable pictures of yourself or your team in action? Get in touch +throughMylens. Don't wait for those lucky shots to be posted of your team or yourself ;) on www.facebook.com/MathareNorthSoccer be intentional :) 

The pricing table, which only applies to teams in Mathare North Zone, is shown below. +throughMylens // Consult

  •  Team logo design = Kes 1,500 - T-shirt design and printing = Kes 650 per t-shirt. 
  •  Jersey printing - depends on the artwork and number of jerseys. 
  • Banner design only Kes 2K (not inclusive of printing). - Pictures * Action Shots - 50 bob per photo ( group package start from Kes 500 you get 15 pictures). 
  • Poster design per game is Kes 250. - Team profile or players 10 pages - Kes 1,500. And many more...
  Note; The services are also offered to those who do not reside in the Mathare North Zone. Please send a note to my inbox or email to request a quote wilson.masaka@gmail.com 


 My goal is to assist grassroots football teams and organizations in telling their stories more effectively and in documenting moments for future remembrance.

 It is a chance for people who want to pursue a career as a football player to begin intentionally and professionally documenting their profile. Have a great 'FuraaahiDay' See you at Drive Inn Primary school +throughMylens Do More / Be More / Be Different www.wilsenx.blogspot.com

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Mathare Slums

TBT #ThrowBackThursday +throughMylens Some pictures from the archives +throughMylens Mathare Slums. 

 Kisengere Nyuma yaani Flashback.

 #BelowThePyramid #CostOfLiving #Inflation Is life generally getting better or is it still difficult? 

The majority of Kenyans, however, live below the poverty line, or what I like to refer to as "hand to mouth," thus this is a debatable proposition depending on where you are on the pyramid.

Here are some of the life lessons from my diary Bits and Pieces +throughMylens 

 ~ It is not your fault if you are born into a low-income family, but you will be responsible for your actions if you continue to live in a way that keeps you trapped in poverty. Being happy with what you have is a good thing, but don't stop working toward your big dream.

~ The way we approach daily tasks varies from one person to the next and cannot be copied and pasted, despite the fact that life contains some fundamental guidelines.

~ Stop whining so much; you are blessed in many ways. For instance, you can walk, yet for many others, taking one step forward is a significant accomplishment. 

~ Despite all of the difficulties we may face in life, it is time for a paradigm shift. I really believe that everything starts with your mindset in order to master your journey and live an impactful change story. 

~ If poverty were a magnet, it would draw those who never invest in themselves, have lousy financial habits, and generally don't work hard to achieve their goals. Being born into a low-income family is merely one of those temporary circumstances you can get out of if you're focused and disciplined.

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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Virtual Meet Up : Communication 101 Master Session

Date 11.02.2023

It was a pleasure to speak with the BORA Mentors Pool once more for a master class on communication. BORA is a network of young people who cooperate to change the world through mentoring and who have similar interests and guiding values. Each month, they concentrate on a single subject, and February will be all about communication as a follow-up to January's self-awareness month.


The way we communicate hasn't stopped changing along with the rest of the world, especially with the introduction of new tools and technology that are meant to improve communication. 

However, there is two things that we will need to give keen attention that technology cannot assist us with, and that is how we listen and empathize as essential elements of communication chains or channels that help us to remain human in spite of technical advancements. 

 Though communication is a broad issue with many subtopics, we concentrated on the following characteristics of communication in relation to mentorship during our nearly two-hour virtual meetup. 
  1. How to communicate and connect with people generally (Networking).
  2.  How to communicate with mentees. Mentor vs. Mentee relationship.
  3.  The impact of communication and how it opens your doors to access opportunities (Personal Branding) 
 In general, a few important words spring to mind when we talk about communication, such as sender, receiver, channel, message, and types of communication, among others.

It is crucial that we always assess the situation using the 5W and 1H, meaning, before selecting any style of communication. 
  •  WHAT - refers to the message that must be delivered. 
  • WHY - Define or comprehend the meaning.
  • WHERE - refers to a location or setting.
  • WHEN - the timing element. 
  • WHO - The target audience, receiver, or audience. 
  • HOW - the method to be employed, such as email, in-person communication, handwritten communication, etc
 The Barriers

There are several potential impediments to communication, including organizational hierarchy, language, time zones, platforms, and surroundings, to name a few.

Additionally, based on the topic below, I suggest reading more. Find out more online about...
  1.  Communication barriers.
  2.  Effective communication.
  3.  Storytelling.
  4. How to network effectively.
  5. Communication for development. (C4D).
  6.  Personal Branding. 
 Recommended reading https://haiilo.com/blog/communication-barriers/ 

 The Mentorship Model +throughMylens

What is mentorship? 

" What Is the Definition of Mentorship? A mentorship is a relationship between two people where the individual with more experience, knowledge, and connections is able to pass along what they have learned to a more junior individual within a certain field. The more senior individual is the mentor, and the more junior individual is the mentee."

 Read More >> https://t.ly/-kqN9 

The  Question

 To single out one question that I was asked: How do you initiate communication with a mentee for the first time?

 My answer; 
  1.  Identifying the proper time, location, and medium or mode is the first step in evaluating the context. 
  2. Prior to the meeting, both the mentee and mentors should have a basic background. 
  3. In terms of communication, it would be an 80/20 split, with the mentees providing the majority of the insight while the mentor provides the majority of the listening, followed by the 20% that will set the stage for the following arrangements, particularly regarding areas of focus, when, why, and how
Here is a diagram I came up with to describe the relationship between a mentor and mentee.

My theory has two models, which are as follows:

Open model - One to many or many to many relationship. 
  • Pros - Diversity - Flexibility 
  • Cons - Unstructured - overwhelming - Might lack accountability
 Connector Model -In this model, there is an organisation in charge of planning everything so that the mentor and mentee may cooperate on a set schedule.

  • Pros - Consistent - Targeted - Well structured / timely. - Accountability - Professional - Feedback / reporting loops. 
  •  Cons - Sometimes guided within a framework. - Time might be short. - Predictable.
 In conclusion 

There are numerous fallacies surrounding mentoring, such as the notion that the mentor is always a more senior individual and never needs to learn anything in the process. 

The fact is that both the mentee and the mentee have something to learn, and I believe a young person can become a mentor to a senior person depending on their skill, talent, and experience—even though this isn't always done out of ego. 

"Human evolution has placed communication at its core, and it is present everywhere." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur

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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Life Series... Lucky Star

šŸ¤ž šŸŒŸ #IcebergIllusion Do you think luck exists? Have you ever heard the phrase "wewe ulizaliwa na bahati," which means that luck has been on your side since birth? 

Here is a brief overview of my life's events: I was raised in a modest family, and on many occasions, it seemed as though everything was starting from scratch. 

I frequently ran across obstacles that kept me from pursuing my goals in terms of my education or profession. Although the road has been a mixture of both ups and downs, and particularly within a great focus to constantly keep my head up even when I'm down, everything has been the consequence of something. 

I don't see a case where luck just came up and offered me the chance. In certain cases, I've encountered a scenario where my peers have admired a successful moment of mine and speculated that I might have been lucky by birth. 

I can attest that if there is any luck involved in anything I do that may be viewed as a lucky moment, then simply know that it must come from things you cannot see, like perseverance, hard work, rejection, several trials, disappointment, confusion, hope, focus, fatigue etc. 

 Advise! Whatever the circumstance, those who keep trying will eventually succeed. Life is never linear, and relying solely on luck to follow you while you do nothing is one of the most ridiculous concepts you can have. Last but not least, you must work hard to achieve your God-given star šŸŒŸ

Skill UP! 

 If your youth group would want an inspiration session, I am available.

 I'm free the following week and would be happy to donate 5 hours of my time to any Nairobi-based youth organization. 

 We have a lot of young people, especially now, who have graduated from various levels and are unsure of what to do. If you ask them what their plans are, you are likely to hear things like, "I'm waiting for my day," "One day," "My lucky star will come true," and similar statements. 

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Friday, February 10, 2023

Mathematically Speaking -Kenyan Football Economy


Yesterday the Talanta F.C. coach revealed his team's misfortunes that prevented them from performing, particularly after losing 6-0 to the AFC Leopards. I've been curious in learning how much a KPL team spends on wages. 

 The following are some difficult questions to think about: 

  1.  Are there Income Generating Activities (IGA) at KPL clubs? 
  2. How do clubs make ends meet besides relying on sponsorship? 
  3. Can a Premier League team make enough money to survive? 
  4. Is the prize money awarded to the league champion sufficient to support a club through the following season. 
 And so on...

Let's do some basic math. Assume that a club has 30 members, including the technical staff. Let us assume for the sake of illustration that each member earns Kes 30,000 per month. 

Calculating the annual salary based on the example would be; 30 X 30,000 X 12 months = Kes 10,800,000 Notably, transportation, healthcare, meals, lodging, and other expenses are not included in pay. Can our KPL clubs raise more than Kes 20+ million a year in funding without the help of sponsors?

In any case, I strongly advise all clubs, particularly those in the NSL and below divisions, to think carefully about their business plans before it's too late and to look into income-generating projects and investments rather than relying just on sponsorship to support themselves. Do More / Be More / Be Different www.wilsenx.blogspot.com

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Self Inspired Journey

Life Series +throughMylens Self Motivation #ThroughBackThursday

 Wonderful memories of being in the spotlight at the 2005 World Summit Youth Award, which was held in Tunis, Tunisia. 

 In case you weren't aware... 

 ~ You can't depend on luck; it's just something that happens. Success usually has a pattern, and the key to success is making the appropriate effort. You must put forth a lot of effort and think intelligently to succeed." - Wilson Masaka, Social Entrepreneur and Youth Advocate. 

 ~ Great feedback offered at any level of development is essential to reaching more of our goals." – Wilson Masaka, Social Entrepreneur and Youth Advocate. ~ "There is room for greater opportunities, not just for people who go to school, but more so for those who seek to get an education and choose to use the knowledge they have gained," - Wilson Masaka, Social Entrepreneur and Youth Advocate. 

Just be aware...

You may encounter a wide variety of people on your path to obtaining your desired goal, including those who will ignore you, rivals, and distractors, among others. 

On the other hand, there will also be nice people nearby who will believe more in you and what you can accomplish; they will lead you, provide support, make time for you, and other things. 

 Although I'm not yet where I want to be, I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has helped me along the way. 

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Monday, February 6, 2023

Next Generation Leadership Start Now

MYSA Mathare North Zone Leadership Date 05.02.23 One of those integral components of my weekend plans is mentoring young people who will become future leaders. 

I had the honour of taking part in the Mathare North Zonal Meeting yesterday, when they elected the next young leader for the Mathare North Zone under MYSA structure. 

My main responsibility as an alumnus was to assist with the voting process. At the same time that I take this chance to congratulate Annel on his new position, I also urge everyone to work together in the coming phase to make Mathare North zone even greater. Note! Before he begins working formally, MYSA will check that everything is in compliance with their policies. 

I wish him luck and I assure him of my availability should there be need for support. What stands in the way of you fulfilling your D.R.E.A.M? DID You Know D.R.E.A.M means... #MyDiary #BitsAndPieces Daily Routine Enabled by Activating Myself. +throughMylens Do More / Be More / Be Different www.wilsenx.blogspot.com

Friday, February 3, 2023

The Kenyan Football Economy Is As Dead As a Dodo

The economy of Kenyan football is generally in a downward spiral, but we still act in the same way in the hopes that eventually everything would change for better, from the clubs to the national teams.

Taking into account all the factors that have contributed to this situation, I believe that now is the ideal time to address this problem, not only from the Government and Federation's perspective but also from every angle within the sport, including the fan base, supporters, and sponsors who can help to resurrect the Kenyan Football economy.

Kenyan football is a costly endeavor with little payoff. Even the wealthy teams that are currently supported by companies are merely on the verge of dissipating should there be a change in management with a more critical assessment of Return On Investment (ROI).

If you don't believe me, I have seen excellent teams, particularly those backed by corporations that I won't name, that were succeeding but failed after the management was replaced. 

Should we keep burying our heads in the sand and hoping that one day things will get better, or are there other options that we may consider that could revive and sustain the game to greater heights?

It is imperative that we address the challenges and clarify the facts and figures, particularly with regard to what teams require in order to function properly and what they receive in return. 

In the current state of affairs, many teams will continue to fire coaches left, right, and center because they think they are the issue; yet, there are deeper issues that we are afraid to address, especially with clubs who are now having financial difficulties. 

Coaches may occasionally perform poorly and exhibit ineptitude, but I don't think this happens very often, especially when the team's performance is negatively impacted by the environment. 

Back To The Basic of Finance. 

Financial concerns are not an exception, and clubs should be confident enough to visualize a road map of where they have been, where they are now, and where they aspire to be.

Some questions that need to be asked include: How much does it cost to organize one game altogether? What was the overall expense for the previous year? What kind of revenue did we bring in last year? 

These are only a few of the complex financial issues that any team needs to face if they wish to improve things and implement new resource mobilization tactics.

From the Kenya Women's Premier League to the Kenya Premier League (Men's League), the struggle is real. For the other levels, it is a classic example of survival of the fittest, and the majority of players simply play for love or because they have nothing better to do.

It is a known truth of life that the atmosphere in which we work also prepares us to be inspired to reach the highest degree of greatness. 

You may fully understand the situation if you consider the welfare of players as a whole. A child who is hungry cannot be expected to perform well in school, and the same holds true for football players. Even if you have the most gifted players, they won't be able to perform to their maximum potential if you don't give them the right environment.

The following seven areas, in my opinion, can help the football industry rebound:
  1. The government may offer tax breaks to businesses that support football or other sports. For corporations with x turnover, should be mandatory to fund the sport of their choice.
  2. Club licensing - The team and overall player welfare should be prioritized when teams do their operational planning. To participate in any league or tournament at any level, a club should have to meet a certain criteria. At all costs, shortcuts must be avoided. 
  3. Team Structure - Review the team structure and include important departments, particularly those in charge of fundraising, partnerships, and marketing. Many clubs probably lack some of the departments due to lack of adequate funds. I think they can partner in a win-win way by outsourcing some departments to marketing firms.
  4. Sell Something (SS) - Clubs should consider providing value through merchandise, trainer development, etc. 
  5. Own Something (OS) - Clubs may also consider making investments in property that will yield dividends, such as a building or a football field.
  6. Participate in a social responsibility initiative. Start a campaign for a cause you believe in, or join one already underway. Find a partner to help you raise awareness of the issue. There are numerous social concerns that need to be addressed, and you can be a fantastic conduit for spreading the word as an organization. 
  7. Transparency: Each club should have audited financial accounts available that provide a clear picture of their financial situation (Books of account). Community groups and privately owned clubs ought to be subject to the same rules. 
What else? Please add on the comment section. 

Share widely! +throughMylens // Consult www.wilsenx.blogspot.com Do More / Be More / Be Different 

Thursday, February 2, 2023

How to Create a Digital Footprint on a Shoestring Budget: Advice for Football Players.

During my playing career, being included in the sports section of a daily newspaper was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a major story that was talked about for months in the neighborhood. We could make cutouts from newspapers, magazines, etc. to either create our own portfolios or decorate our houses with images of illustrious athletes and teams. 

 Everything has changed when we consider where we've come from, and I am convinced that the moment in which we live is one of the luckiest eras ever. Anyone may view how Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City (to name a few) did their most recent practice with the click of a button. 

 The only thing we need to do is manage our time well so that we can read the correct material, follow the right people online, and access the variety of learning information that is available. The good news is that we have the power to direct our own media and draw attention to the work we do to better the world. Although it may seem simple, doing so requires more effort, and in this case, I will say that it is a T.A.S.K that must be completed before you have enough money to hire someone else to perform the services. The acronym T.A.S.K. stands for Tool, Attitude, Skill, and Knowledge in this case. 

Do you believe that football players' personal brands should include keeping a digital footprint? 

If you're still unsure, the answer is a resounding YES. In general, the internet and the digital world brought with them a 'blast' that has impacted on every part of our life. 

In order to leave a positive and enduring digital mark, those who have experienced how the digital economy has transformed them have made time for self-learning or, in some circumstances, if they have the finances, have outsourced the work to a business or qualified consultants. 

Today, I want to focus on the entry-level procedure, where I think anyone with a smartphone who lacks the resources to hire a professional consultant or company may start their digital footprint (photography, video, social media, write ups etc) Although I'm neither a football scout nor an agent, I believe there are plenty of untapped chances that footballers who want to play for elite teams can seize by being deliberate in their actions. 

The internet is a place where everyone who cares about their future needs to drive in the right direction by creating and curating digital content. The world we live in today calls us to be proactive in both finding and being found. Profile of the Footballer Few football players can accurately recount their football careers, say from the amateur ranks to the top leagues. 

I believe either ignorance is the problem or there are no initiatives to help players and teams create a strong inventory that might be used by the players as they search for better opportunities. Think of it like a football resume, but in this case, we want to include more information from your videos, workouts, matches, social network handles, etc.

In the paragraphs below, I'd like to offer some advice to aspiring Kenyan professional footballers who want to break into the international market. Always remember that you are under constant observation by the outside world. It is unfortunate that we no longer have a sizable, well-known firm to support our game from the bottom up. 

Pictures +throughMylens featuring Kenya Premier League Match, Mathare United Vs. Kakamega Homeboyz. The match was played at Utalii grounds on 25th January 2023. Kakamega Homeboyz won 5-1


These few actions can help you start building your digital footprint; 

  1. Speak with the game's photographer and request action shots. Always make a request in advance and agree to the terms to guarantee fantastic images of the game. 
  2. Establish a social media presence and maintain consistency in the content you choose to share. Keep in mind there's more you can share than only football matters.
  3. Develop an online following, keeping in mind that people need to have a reason to follow you. Always be able to plan for your content ahead (content strategy). 
  4. If you don't have a professional camera, you can always make nice before-and-after clips on your smartphone.
  5. Be active online; having a presence online is one thing, but posting relevant and consistent content is quite another ball game. 
  6. Tag every appropriate platform and create an offline brand. Supporting your local club is an example of offline support, and there are numerous things you can do.
  7. Be clear about your values and devote the majority of your time to lifelong learning. Online courses allow you to pick up various talents even if you can't afford a college or university.
  8. Keep in mind to follow other persons and clubs and to provide commentary as needed. Remember to be found you have to also find others and create a connection. 

Good Read >> 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Work Place Series Vs. Life Series

+throughMylens // Consult #WorkPlaceSeries #LifeSeries 

 Did you know that there are three schools in our society? They are the formal school, the school of thought, and the street school. I currently provide mentoring and training services under the Work Series and Life Series formats, which are based on my more than 20 years of experience and continual learning. Additionally, I've published my learning approach, which is based on a template, and which, if used, might significantly speed up your learning process. 

Time is a valuable resource in this disruptive environment where practically everything is clamoring for our attention and perhaps turning us into consumers rather than producers. In case you didn't know, excellent time management skills are among the qualities that are highly regarded in all spheres of life. Others include accountability, perseverance, initiative, and planning. 

 The Work Series 

 The training focuses more on the skills you need to develop in order to survive, advance, and learn at work. Additionally, it involves remaining devoted to your career while maintaining the freedom to pursue your personal goals and aspirations outside of your place of employment. 

 The Life Series 

 The Life Series explores how to adapt to various circumstances and how to interact with others and yourself in various contexts. It also involves personal growth and discovering who you are meant to be. The course emphasizes the fundamentals that foster an entrepreneurial mindset and the fundamental skills you must master mostly through self-directed learning (Lifelong Learning).


Make an appointment with me to share more with your team. #SkillUp #SkillUpgrade Do More/ Be More / Be Different www.wilsenx.blogspot.com