Friday, April 23, 2021

Transition into Self Employment As a Freelance Trainer and Facilitator.

Today is exactly 3 years since I made a full transition into self employment as a freelance trainer and facilitator. The transition was abrupt with a lot of uncertainty, reflection, missed targets, etc., but the best part is the learning received so far within the journey. 

Even though in my transition I didn't expect a smooth curve, the pandemic situation made a big dent to all my efforts where I found myself in different tests from passion, career, livelihood, finances, dreams, relocation etc. 

 Best Quote:-  

"Without commitment you will never start, without consistency you will never finish” - Denzel Washington 

Even though I'm still pursuing my meaning of success and stability, I thank everyone who has supported all my efforts in one way or the other. All this great experiences brings encouragement whenever I'm in doubt and will continue to inform my brand, especially what I want to achieve as I continue mentor others, especially youth from underserved communities. 

 The Expected Impact of My Work 

All youth engaged will define and be informed on pathways to achieve their meaning of success. About My Current Work I have more than 18+ years of experience working with youth servicing and youth lead organization in the underserved communities. 

As a youth advocate, social entrepreneur, trainer and facilitator, I offer master classes under Skill-UP program for the management teams, beneficiaries and any other party within the organization's
stakeholder network. 

My Personal Mission, Passion and Drive 

To reach at least 500 young people per year by providing relevant, quality and relatable training that will increase their chance for a better livelihood as an individual or by working in a team. I'm a champion for SDG 1:- No poverty, SDG4:- Quality Education and Lifelong learning and SDG 8:- Decent work and economic growth. 

Below is is a list of what I bring on board as freelance trainer and facilitator:

  1. Participatory learning approach. 
  2. Mastery of the underserved communities in terms of culture (way of life). 
  3. Experience having worked in different underserved communities in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar). 
  4. Good match of content and context. 
  5. Friendly and fan environment that encourages further learning and research. 
  6.  Motivational using the philosophy of a self starter and learning by doing, especially in pursuing different careers. 
  7. Good match of training methodologies. Just to mention but a few, 
 Best Quote; "One of the constants in life, even in tough times is learning something new everyday day" - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur 

Note: - Due to Covid-19 and all directive we can only organise trainings for 10 to 15 people within a space that observe all Covid-19 protocols. Get in touch with me for a master session with your team.

Out & About segment +throughMylens - Mobile photography.

On my way this morning to Mukuru Kwa Reuben I took these photos while in a matatu (public transport vehicle) as part of my out & about segment +throughMylens - Mobile photography. 

These are just one part of the community and it doesn't represent the entire community, but it caught my attention to the point of asking some questions what happens during rainy season? 
How many are living in one room? What dreams and aspirations do children in this area have? 
What type of jobs are out there for their families? What make them happy? And many more. There has been great development, especially in road networks compared to what was there. I love the part where young people are engaged to be part of the solution. 

 There has been great development especially in road networks compared to what was there. I love the part where young people are engaged to be part of the solutions. Mukuru Youth Initiative (MUYI) is taking interventions in making sure youth receive the best service and quality learning in different area of their work. About Mukuru Youth Initiative (MUYI)

Thursday, April 22, 2021

3 days Master Class at Mukuru Youth Initiative (MUYI)

 It was a great honor to have been given the opportunity to work with the Mukuru Youth Initiative (MUYI) team as the lead trainer / facilitator for three days. The session was attended by young people who are within the leadership and management of the Mukuru Youth Initiative (MUYI) which is a community based organization in Mukuru Kwa Reuben.

Main highlights for the three days are as follows;- 

  1.  Stakeholders mapping 
  2.  Communication management and planning. 
  3. Project management:- knowledge, skill and tools 
  4. Teamwork, strategic thinking and planning 
  5. Stakeholders engagement and resource mobilization. 6
  6. Types of reports. 
 Training Objective: 
  1. Project management and planning - Understand what needs to be done or achieved under each project. - Understand how to develop a road map towards achieving the desired outcomes within the project.
  2. Communication strategies and teamwork: - How to deal with different stakeholders and working within a team. 

The methodology used; The main leading factor was through participatory learning where everyone got a chance to learn something and share their insights.

Main highlights for each session; 
  1.  The game – building the tallest tower. 
  2.  Participant's insights. 
  3. The facilitator's experience, knowledge and insight 
  4. Case studies and examples. 
  5.  Recap on the previous day 
  6. Brainstorming 
Note: All MOH guidelines on Covid-19 were well observed. I want to thank Mukuru Youth Initiative (MUYI) for the chance to share my knowledge with their team. I also take this opportunity to encourage the team for the good work they are doing.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Skill Up Master Session at Maji Mazuri

Topic: - The Effect of Covid-19 in Business & What Can Be Done Differently Moving Forward Within the Youth Space. 

Since the advent of Covid-19 in Kenya life continues to be in an unpredictable mode, creating an environment where youth are left with limited options to make a meaningful livelihood. 

One of the main areas that youth have been affected is in the business sector where the gap between the unemployed and employed continues to widen leaving those who want to venture in business or employment guessing what do just to make both ends meet while staying away from any other negative influence. 

Youths from underserved communities are faced with many challenges and the Covid-19 pandemic has made the gap even wider especially socially, economically and general livelihood. On the other hand, within the pandemic era, youth led organizations and youth serving organizations have been facing challenges on how they can continue addressing the pressing needs of the youth like unemployment, underemployment employment, mentorship, mental health, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) among other issues. 

The Maji Mazuri youth group is one youth group in Mathare innovating different ways of meaningful youth engagement in line with all Covid-19 directives. Together with Maji Mazuri we organized a master class after realizing there is an urgent need to keep in touch with the youth in all possible platforms both online and offline. 

Our main agenda is creating safe spaces for the youth members to learn, be mentored and share learning experience especially during and after the pandemic era. On the other side, we have also noticed there's an urgent need to keep the youth informed on how they can adapt within the new normal by creating solutions, especially by using whatever resources that they have, think partnership and more importantly understand the emerging needs within the society. 

There is need of developing creative interventions that will meaningful engage the youth and sensitize them on existing and emerging issues in matters health, business and personal growth. 

On Sunday 18th April 2021 – Master Class with the youth at Maji Mazuri we covered the following areas

  1. How to come up with a business idea and identify a business opportunity, especially during the Covid-19 era and beyond. 
  2. How to develop a simple business plan using the business model canvas. 
  3. Marketing strategies both online and offline 
  4. How to build a business brand 
  5. Discussion of existing business model by the participants 
  6. Case studies of other business models The participants got time to share their experiences both who have businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs also shared their plans. 
The Main Goal 

The main goal is to empower the youths on how to set up a business from an idea and grow it while considering the changing environment for example within the current pandemic and beyond. 

Goal Oriented. #YouthSpace #LifeLongLearning You need to be FIT and SMART to achieve your GOAL. 

It isn't always survival for the fittest, but also survival depends on your smartness. 

"Those who are fit will survive, while those who are smart will develop new solutions" - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate & Social Entrepreneur. 

May be you are asking how, and what is the difference and connecting factor? Survival for the fittest - here fittest is ambiguous which can mean many things from your health, qualification, ability, finances, network or any other resources at your disposal. Survival for the smartest - More of what you do with what you have (the fittest part) in creating solutions. 

Have a brilliant day and lovely weekend ahead. In the lockdown mode we can still find what makes us happy. #NeverGiveUP 

In conclusion youth continues to seek for new solutions, opportunities, mentorship, advice and all manner of support which if not provided youth will fall into mental stress and other life threatening situations.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

One Day Capacity Building Training at Angaza Sport and Development Centre.

#SkillUPSession About Angaza Sports and Development Centre I had the great pleasure of training a group of 10 young people who are peer educators, soccer coaches and mentors at Angaza Sports Development Centre based in Thika. 

 Below are the main topics covered; 
  • Mobile phone photography - How to make quality photos using smart phones 
  • Content Creation and planning - How to Create, Curate and Contribute especially on social media platforms. 
  • Organizational culture and branding - Create awareness of what it is and how to inculcate a more relevant and relatable culture and brand - Video and photo editing using mobile phone application - How to edit both photos and videos using mobile application. 
Below are the pictures of the day! You can reach me for a master class with your team. I target youth led initiatives and youth serving organizations. My personal target is to reach more than 500+ youths by training in Creative Entrepreneurship, photography, ICT, life skill among others. 

I work toward achieving  the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  •  SDG 1: No poverty 
  • SDG 4: Quality Education and Lifelong Learning 
  •  SDG 8:- Decent Work and economic growth. 
 I offer affordable rates for group packages, on the other side, I invite you to sponsor a master class for youth in the community to be trained for free. Get in touch with me on

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Software Engineering Course in Mathare by Oasis Mathare

The forthcoming software engineering course will be offered to youth in Mathare and its neighbouring communities. The course will offer programming languages using the market standard approach and the latest software. The trainees will be trained on Human Centred Design (HCD) and how to develop mobile application among other interesting modules that will enable them use technology in developing solutions for different needs. 

 #One Day Consultancy 

It was a great pleasure working with the Oasis Mathare team in developing the interview process and conducting the in-person interviews. We received a total of 65 applicants through the online portal that are interested in the course and only shortlisted candidates were invited at different times slots for an in-person interviews at the center inline with all Covid-19 protocols. The Youth Space There is an increase in numbers of jobless youth who are seeking better options in the world of work. Skills upgrade is one enabler that will improve their chances of acquiring decent work especially using technology. 

The Interview & Selection 

It takes a professional approach and system of documentation in identify and selecting the best candidates in a community where everyone is in need for something for a better livelihood. Key Take Away There is a great interest amongst the youth in learning programming, ICT related courses, lifeskill and entrepreneurship in the communities like Mukuru, Mathare, Korogocho, Huruma etc. 

Some of the missing links within the youth community centres for education are:- 

1. A centre where youth can access relevant quality learning 
2. A centre that offers targeted programs for the youth towards lifelong learning and mentorship. 
3. A centre that can link the trained youth with different pockets for job creation, job seeking, partnerships, internships and apprenticeship. 

Oasis Mathare is determined to address the current gaps as identified and they will soon be hosting the first cohort. Let us support them where we can in driving this mission. I stand to be counted as part of that team that will ensure this great milestone achieved by offering my expertise as a consultant. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me incase you need youths to be trained on lifeskill, ICT, Entrepreneurship or your staff need to be taken through different areas of organisations development. Blog: Email: