Thursday, February 26, 2015

Digital Migration in East Africa

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Is the digital gap in East Africa narrowing or it’s growing bigger with time?
This is a good question to ask ourselves. I was introduced to the computer world in 2000 having grown up in a humble community in Mathare.

I have come to love technology with all my heart as a user and a maker of e-content in different formats especially websites, videos, articles, photos, graphic design etc. Thanks to the virtual space and the advent of the internet, we can make ourselves even better than yesterday despite our backgrounds. Addressing the question of the digital gap in Africa, while looking at my list of answers, it actually depends on many factors such as if you are living in the remote villages of Mihuru-bay or the urban uptown life of Nairobi, or your daily interaction with technology. Anyways, as we transition to the new era of digital transmission in television broadcasting we shouldn't forget the other important sectors like education.

Some people might argue that the education sector is already digitized, but this depends with where exactly are you basing your fact finding. For example, in Nairobi Eastland’s area there are many schools which don't have a single computer and if they do, they are not enough for the students. Worse off, if you travel into the remote villages in the rural setting, pupils are studying under trees or some makeshift structure in this day and age. It makes me wonder when the digital phenomenon will impact their lives. I think and believe there is more that still needs to be done even in handling small tasks like keeping records, school attendance registry etc.

A picture speaks more than a thousand words… I took this picture on 22nd Feb 2015 in Arusha town. I also presume the teacher recorded the same data in a black book. I spotted this at a primary school in Arusha, Tanzania which is one of the development towns. I bet in Nairobi to you are most likely to find the same type of notice board especially in the primary schools. Technology has changed our lives from the way we communicate, do business, and record data. The big challenge is how we will reach everyone, especially people living in the remote villages and other marginalized groups in the society. There is no single institution that can solve the digital gaps alone. We need to cooperate with the communities, private sector, government, individuals and other institutions build a strong culture behind pro-digital life and this calls for proper planning, passion and commitment which is a lifetime project.

Here is a great article worth reading as social entrepreneurs.
Millennials and the Social Entrepreneurship Revolution By Solène Pignet

"Having a game-changing impact is a key motivation, versus short-term individual financial return... Social entrepreneurship is not only about being your own boss, it is about fulfilling your life purpose and living meaningful experiences."

Creative Morning - Promotion Flier

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Ofa Maalum
Ofa katika msimu wa Pasaka

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Don’t Lock Creativity in a Box.

The team’s performance can be triggered by many factors and top on my list is CREATIVITY which all sectors need to embrace from companies, Non–governmental organization, education sector,private sector just to mention but a few.

We should think of creative cultures, we are building around our work linked to the ecosystem we operate in, for example, in Information Communication Technology (ICT), business, architecture etc. We should not kill or compress creativity in small boxes with big padlocks labelled don’t touch. By opening a more flexible and well coordinated environment, it brings a new approach towards how our teams view the aspect of time, teamwork, process, quality, fun, valued etc.

Here are my SIX tips to think about in your creative process;

  1.  Creativity is a never ending process. 
  2. Everyone in the company is creative in one way or the other; it only depends on how you manage your process or how you define your structures, role, process (brainstorming, prototyping etc). Inspiration is everywhere and the eureka moment can come from any source.
  3. Creativity is both individual and team effort and it can be learned.
  4. Don’t victimize failure; celebrate all the steps because it presented opportunities for learning.
  5. Creativity is nurtured. Plant a seed and you will get a tree and the tree will produce fruits.
  6.  Most of the things can be learned over a period of time, it all points to doing what you love and loving what you do (Passion).
  7. Invest in your team, this isn't about money, but how do you value the aspect of time, for example doing a team building exercise together or visiting new places for inspiration. The more we see new things our brains stretches and stores new ideas and data, it compares what already archived with the current experiences, then triggers the new features which we express through many forms for example singing, drawing, dancing, writing, pictures, videos, design etc., 
"I have not failed. I've just found 10000 ways that won't work." - Thomas A. Edison 

 Here are some of my favourite videos on the same subject of creativity; 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Be Humble!

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Nobody has the monopoly of knowledge in this World. We can all learn from each other for the betterment of our creative spaces and this includes the World.

A student learns from a teacher whilst a teacher can also learn from the students, a manager can learn from other levels of the hierarchy, and parents can also learn from their children, etc. This is the changing times in the world of creativity, work, communities and leadership. This will foster innovation and lasting impacts for the next generation.

It is only through collaborative learning and partnerships, we will be able to tackle the problems and challenges in the World. Share your skills and knowledge today and you will be better than yesterday!

Picture taken at Sori - South Nyanza, Kenya @wilsenx

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Communication 101

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


What matters in leadership is INFLUENCE to achieve CHANGE!

Change Versus Influence
It is very hard to change people but you can start that change...
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi 

You can't CHANGE people but you may INFLUENCE their partners of change.
"Example is not the main thing in influencing other people; it's the only thing." - Abraham Lincoln

# Learn2Learn

"Work towards understanding the subject rather than cramming things for better grades. Learn to learn so that you can continue the process of innovation and creativity. Good grades will always follow those people with the passion of what they are doing” - Wilson Masaka Founder Wi.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Youth Leadership Camp at CHRISC Tanzania.

It was such a great pleasure and experience working with the talented young people from Kilimanjaro Film Institute during the Chrisc Youth Leadership Camp which took place last year at Oldonyosambu between 9th and 12th December 2014, in attendance were 70 youth from Tanzania and the main aim of the camp was to bring CHRISC Tanzania from Arusha, Moshi, Mwanza, Tanga and Manyara region for 4 days of training in leadership, engaged in various sports and to reflect on the success they have had in 2014 while they focus forward for 2015 working under a CHRISC project.

I loved their dedication, skills, teamwork, creativity in the all the production process. Much appreciation goes to the entire crew, KFI management and Chrisc Tanzania for the support in making sure everything went smooth as it was planned.

“Only through decent employment opportunities can young people get the chance to work themselves out of poverty. Focusing on youth is a must for any country."
— Juan Somavia Director-General, International Labour Organization

chrisc-video Evaline and Alice working on the final touches after internal reviews and comment. Keep it up and we wish you all the best during your inter-ships.

  Here is the video, check it out!

Friday, February 6, 2015


1. The ability to create and live your own reality.
2. The ability to Inspire, Connect and Educate SELF & OTHERS.
3. The ability to wear more than one HAT, talent and skills exploration for prosperity
4. The ability to lead SELF & OTHERS.
5. The ability to focus on the center of influence to achieve optimum success.
6. The ability to persevere and be determined to achieve set goals.
7. The ability to turn dreams, ideas into reality
#‎Leadership101‬: The BOSS mentality was left long time age in the Stone Age... in the 21st century we should have team players, mentors, coach, influential leaders, inspirational leadership...

Sunday, February 1, 2015


There are many myths in the society, one that always catch my attention is; if you are born poor your will die poor. I believe we can change that notion and misleading stereotypes believe that make young people fear of exploring more about themselves that they can move from conform zone into new power zone of wealth creation and prosperity.

Here I'm are talking about values, behaviours, character and habits that we need to learn to acquire wealth and stay afloat in these economical tough times which will save our next generation from the same poverty chains and cycles.

  1. Develop good character, behavior and habits
  2. Love what you do
  3. Self discovery everyday
  4. Passion, Purpose and Focus
  5. Invest in infinite learning ( education)
  6. Networks with other like minded social groups
  7. Research on your field of practice to build a stable career path.\
  8. Go for the opportunities.
  9. Embrace constant change ( Change is inevitable)
  10. Develop a savings and investment plan
  11. Use your Unique Selling Point (Talent and Skills).
  12. Create opportunities
  13. Build the future don’t wait for it to happen.
  14. Budget and timelines

  1. Do nothing…
  2. Wait and See attitude
  3. Fear of failure, never try anything.
  4. Stay with your ideas and dreams at the same stage forever.
  5. Happy of the status quo.
  6. Happy with the comfort zone
  7. Copy other people’s dreams and forget yours.
  8. Lacks consistency and clear plan
  9. Think money is everything
  10. Blame the past
  11. Self doubt and pity
  12. Spend everything and tomorrow will take care of itself approach.