Monday, February 21, 2011


Last year I was impressed with the performance and dedication of the team, and as the head coach I’m motivated to take the boys to the next level by offering my time and experience in organizing a well managed local team from the community. At the moment we don’t have any funds but we are determined as a team to use all possible networks with limited resources to make both ends meet.

Last year we did extremely well after emerging 3rd place out of 20 teams. This year’s league started on high note after we drew 0-0 on Sunday against real Mathare who are new comers, and as a team we need to put more efforts in training together. As the head coach I will have to place my best foot forward in selecting the best first eleven because this time there is no team to write off.

Mathare North Rangers (MNR.FC) ‘inspiring champions’ which is under the stewardship of Wilsenx was founded in 2010.

Training session at Mathare North field

Wilsenx provides leadership and co-ordination of all operation of the team whereby marketing the team both locally and abroad through online platform. At Wilsenx we believe in impacting on people’s life positively through simple but great steps like how to work in a team, fair play and discipline, how to utilize our free time and with limited resources etc.

Despite being a small community club in Mathare North we have been able to develop a brand around our team and so far we have our teams t-shirts which are out for sale to fund-raise for the team. The t-shirts goes for Ksh 500 and all monies collected or donated by well wishers will help the club reach its mission and vision which is to run a well coordinated team up to the Kenya Premier League (KPL) and change the lives of many vulnerable youth through sports. Our team has attracted a lot of fans in the community whereby the zonal league attracts about 300 spectators in the community every weekend.

Wilsenx uses this platform either directly or indirectly to sensitize the community the importance of unity and team work in the community for the good of everyone. Football being the most loved sport in the community and the world at large, we have been able to register 30 players in our team, this again gives us a chance to mentor and inspire upcoming youth in the community who are vulnerable to joining gangs, alcoholism, drug abuse etc.

In a special way I would like to thank Mr. Arnold Van Der Capellen for donating 10 t-shirts to the team which we gave to the most dedicated players and best players from the last season. Thanks a lot on behalf of the team.

Mathare North Rangers official t-shirts

New football jerseys

Lastly I would like to thank the Wilsenx team for dedicating their time and effort despite working in challenging situations without any support. We have come far and let us continue working in the same spirit, next article we would love to introduce to you the Wilsenx team. Watch the space for the next article, who are behind the steering of Wilsenx?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thanks for your generousity

Thanks to all the players, the team officials and friends. this is a true spirit of team work!

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the purchase of our new football jerseys that we bought today. On the other hand we launched our team t-shirt (Mathare North ranger football club) on Saturday whereby we hosted Zamalek (from Mathare 4A) for a friendly match which we won 1-0.

Mathare North Rangers F.C is a project of Wilsenx foundation which at the moment is in development stages. If you would like to support the initiative in one way or the other please email wilson.masaka[at] to learn more about the initiative and how you can get involved.

From left to right: Thomas, Kimesh, Fellow, Dickson, Masaka and Onyi.
(Team officials, players and friends wearing the brand t-shirt).

Zamalek from matahre 4A in red and Mathare North Rangers f.c

‘The greener pasture syndrome’

The dreams for many people in Africa especially from the disadvantaged backgrounds, is to succeed in foreign states for example in USA and Europe. If I’m not wrong, what I call the ‘greener pasture syndrome’ shouldn’t be a mental block that hinders us from looking locally for ways to find the green pasture within (you don’t know what you got until you miss or find it). Without any doubts Africa has got the best climate in the world among other things and visiting a foreign country either for convention, business, studies etc, is of great importance for one to network and to expand their horizon in the field of practice.

I urge my fellow youth not to be in a hurry to visit a foreign country of their dream, thus they should study why and what they want, and scrutinize the opportunity if it is from genuine sources by consulting with trusted colleague for advice.

Never the less, there are lots of opportunities in Africa that you will realize when you apply yourself into creative and positive activities from the grass root to the top. The ‘greener pasture syndrome’ has preoccupied the minds of many youths to the extent it appears repeatedly in their wish list for many years.

It is in the interest for everyone to achieve in life for example in academics, sports, business etc. The only worrying trend is the path we take to reach the land of success. Many of us have strived in difficult situations but through hard work and patience we have been able to determine our paths through genuine means and that what makes someone a real champion by conquering tough situations.

I’m perplexed when I see groups of youth who wish to make quick cash but end up dying young in the search for greener pasture either locally or abroad, and in my own definition I call them the young and the restless.

Poverty is a situation you can decide to change through transformation of your attitude, behavior and activities which will propel you to success. Instead of focusing too much energy on free, dubious and dangerous undertaking you can decide to be patient and utilize your energy in positive and creative projects for example; joining a church choir, drama group, community youth groups, football clubs, set a business etc. Sober up and avoid peer pressure, abuse of drugs and alcohol and idleness. Listen to your inner self and find what you want and determine the positive path to take. Remember for one to achieve whatever they want in life you have to be patient and work your way through success.

Take a look around your neighborhood, how many dedicated youth have succeeded? (From zero to hero stories through rightful means) and how many lived the life of kings and queens but ended up dying young through dubious ways of getting quick cash? You can make change by doing something responsible with your life, you need to have a positive attitude in your endeavors, and please note nothing comes in a silver platter.

One thing that I can confidently talk about is getting prepared and conversant in what you are about to engage yourself, in the search for greener pasture either locally or abroad. Here I mean you should have some basic knowledge of at least everything that you have interest in and do thorough research on pros and cons of the new opportunity.

Let us look at for instance one day your dream of traveling to a foreign country will be at your door step either for business, education, convention etc. You will be required to prepare and have some vital information under your belt to help in the processing of traveling documents and other logistical issues.

Here are quick tips to consider before you say YES or No to an opportunity oversee either in education or work to avoid being swindled or end up a being a slave in a foreign country . This is from my own perspective;

1. Ask yourself did you apply for it?

2. Scrutinize the source of the opportunity? For example from a friend (trusted or not trusted), books, internet etc.

3. Scrutinize the procedures...

4. Keenly follow all the communications.

5. Understand how much it will cost you? Is it fully funded or partially funded by yourself and the second party?

6. Define your goals?

7. What does it mean to you?

8. What threat and opportunities do you foresee?

9. Do thorough research about it? How long as it been in existence? Is it credited? (Search online, ask friends etc).

10. Learn the culture of the place prior to your arrival.

11. What are the government policies that will directly or indirectly affect you?
12. Place to visit and not to visit?

13. Does your country have an embassy in the country you are visiting?

14. Communicate often with people at home when you are there. Call, email etc.

15. Make back up of important documents both in soft and hard copies.

16. Understand the economic situation of the country you’re visiting, especially the exchange rate and living standards.

17. Consult with trusted friend about the opportunity before commit yourself. Beware of tricksters.

18. Beware of international and local signs, colors etc.

19. What is the National language?

20. Lastly learn about the staple food of the country. And many more…