Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Testimony - The power of patience, Internet and prayers

"I had no faith in searching for a job but I think this was just for me.Imagine I searched the job on the internet and I was called for an interview."

"I was so nervous on thats day imagine being interviewed with a person in Australia through skype and I was the only person who had a certificate .All the others had degrees I was asked why they should choose me and guess what I had to defend my self.I told them I was from the best instituion that offers web design package and what matters is the knowledge and understanding of the process."

"The good part was when I was asked about my starting salary and said 30k which to me I thought it was quite too much. Believe it or not two days after I was the only person who was offered the job opportnity and offered the salary I had requested.As am speaking there is also another company that wants me but I have already signed a contract."

"This moved me and I thanked God for the opportunity.May you be blessed coz you were the person who gave me motivation and courage on the institution and you made me under standard the fundamentals of web design."

This email I received from my former student and it really inspired me. Please note everything you get on the internet you need to take precautions. Not everyone on the net is good, on the other hand that is not to say there are no good opportunities like the above story. Congratulations :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What motivates you?

To many people this question can have lots of varying answers. The most common answer is money. Some call it cheda, kwacha, doo, notty, pesa and so on. In some way they are right but if you look at it deeply there are some things that money can't buy like happiness, love, trust etc. For me money will come after successfully finishing a great mission. I'm not saying money isn't important but there are a lot to life that can motivate you than money. How does someone live with less than a dollar and still be motivated?

What are the imaginable factors that can make this person be motivated and afford a smile? Some of us live in deplorable situation in the slum areas, but we shouldn't be discouraged to achieve whatever we want and be motivated towards our goals in life.

This message goes to the people in government and other policies making institutions around the globe. Please get out of your offices and visit people on the ground to hear their plight and feel their situations before making a bill or decisions with a pen at the comforts of your offices.

People who live in the suburbs it’s also good to pay visits to the under developed communities just to witness how life is and see if you can give back something. Remember it's not always about money and if you are someone who complains especially when you have been bought something for example a wrong color of ipod that you don't like, think twice there are people who can't even afford calling the item by name. Think about it and let us appreciate whatever we have.

What is success?

I asked around what success means to my peers and below are what they had to say;
• Accomplishment of all goals.
• According to Leison Kennedy (Nairobits student) success is accomplishing your goals/objectives at the targeted time and feeling satisfied about it. Success is basically filling pleased with what you do no matter the value, or what others may think about it.
• Success is define in many ways as proposed by the level of human thoughts and understanding with reference to my own opinion and understanding, it only refers to achievement of ones expectation both mentally and psychologically which is it's manifestation is later seen as tangible or intangible i.e. services and commodities.
• Success is when you achieve/accomplish what you set your mind to do.
• The meaning of Success comes in many forms, and many definitions. It depends on what you are searching for in life. But according to my personal perspective, I tend to think that success is the best you can achieve after struggling and aiming for the best, reaching your set goals in life and being a conqueror at the end of the road after going through thick and thin and the up's and down's of life. Happiness is not based on success so much as on a variety of things in your life, not the least of which is the choice to be happy. The first requisite of success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary. "Success doesn't come to you…you go for it!" that's what I believe. From something which I just read (Jedidah): Success is speaking words of praise in cheering other people's ways, in doing just the best you can in every task and every plan. It's silence when your speech would hurt, Politeness when your neighbor's curt. Its deafness when the scandal flows and sympathy with others woes. Its loyalty when duty calls. By Jedidah Nyambura (student NairoBits)

True example of success and motivation (my perspective)

February 2010 was a great month for me whereby I co-coordinated the Going Global 2010 ( at Nairobits. We hosted a group of 99 people in different days divided into three groups of 33 people (18th, 19th and 23rd Feb 2010). The Going Global is funded by the Edukans Foundation. The Going Global is a real example of initiatives for the youth that fosters learning, sharing and cultural integration amongst the youth.

This was a real challenge and a great experience for me to work with people from different background and it was interesting to work with the youth. Highlights for the three days were music by Opile and Ecko Dida, warm games, slum tour and football. This is an experience that took me to the next level and I feel motivated and successful.

Launching of my logo and the first product being my T-shirt.

Finally I have my logo out and the first product is the T-shirt. Wilsenx is everything about me, starting with dreams which I’m working towards realization and how it impact peoples live around me, my family, friends, relatives, students, etc. The driving force is inspiration and aspirations in ones life and my slogan is the champion in you.

Jury VIAFRICA 2010

I'm honored to be part of the jury panel at the Viafrica awards 2010 that took place on 12th March 2010. During the one day event in Nairobi different secondary schools presented their ideas on how to use ICT within education. The competition was open for every school that could present a good suggestion what can be done with computers in school lessons. Viafrica was looking for innovative ideas on how to use ICT in education and there were lots of prizes up for grab!

Prizes included:

- The winning school received 5 computers incl. installation at the school.
- There was a trophy plate for decoration handed over to the winning school
- All participating schools received memory sticks.
- ETC.

This is a great initiative for youth to think and be innovators of ICT tools that can be used in the education sector and the society at large. I'm really motivated, thanks to Viafrica for considering me as a jury. The event was one of its kinds, keep it up Viafrica. Website:

Learning exchange

Another link to the Wilsenx community!

People like Mr. Aaron Arcos (Senior Software Engineer at Google) are my mentors in the world of ICT. I thank Mr. Aaron in a special way for giving back to the community his valuable time and expertise in sharing the trends and techniques in the world of ICT (web application development). I must say, I’m really motivated through his sessions and for sure the sky is the limit.