Sunday, April 26, 2020

Top 10 Essential Skills You Need To Master during the Pandemic

 We are experiencing a wave of acquiring new skills in different sectors, while the already existing skills are being stretched to the limit to optimize the best scenarios. I have been following developing stories in different spheres of our life, especially on the angle of social, economic and technological impact of the pandemic.

We are all in a challenging time where even the developed economies are experiencing a huge pressure for an immediate solutions and new learning points to avert widespread and deaths due to COVID-19 pandemic.

 Everyone has been affected in one way or the other, forcing us to move from the normal and find space in the New Normal (NN) either we like it or not. I have taken a deep dive analysis starting with my situation (pre-pandemic and during the pandemic) especially being out of a regular 9am-5pm job into finding grounds before the pandemic as a freelance ICT trainer, a youth consultant and social entrepreneur.

Note: Picture from the archives during a training at Maji Mazuri before COVID-19 situation.

 My situation hasn’t been on a steady curve in terms of assignments and having listed paying clients and it has been worsened due to the disruption caused by the pandemic thus the need to be on the lookout for new skills while reflecting on different possible repercussions especially post-pandemic. Below are my insights in areas I consider top ten essential skills in COVID-19 era and after the pandemic that we should embrace in any sector. You can interrogate your situation further and I believe the list will stretch beyond the ten, I just want to provoke a thought, feeling, starting point and an analysis whilst I know our situation can have similar or different viewpoints.

In a thought provoking style or question format without giving direct answers on what to do, I want you to relate to the ten areas as listed;

  1.  Think of how the pandemic has affected you in each area as listed. 
  2. Think of someone you know and reach out to see how they are doing in all or your chosen area from the list of ten? 
  3. What learning lessons have you noticed or picked beyond the usual (the business unusual). 
Note: Feel free to share your thought below on the comment section, I will be glad to read from you. Here we go! #Top10Skills

  1.  Stay at home- What means in a deeper sense during and after the pandemic?
    -  Personality; how to cope in this situation as an introvert or extrovert?
  2.  Work at home
    - What it means especially when you’re unemployed?
    - What it means if you’re employed in a white or blue collar sector?
  3. . Financial health
    - What/ How/ When/ Where to save for future
    - What/How/ When / Where to invest How to diversify and generate different income streams.
  4. Social connectivity
    - How to invest in a meaningful friendship
    - How / When/ Why / Who/ What to ask for support
  5. Time management
    - Maintaining an uninterrupted TO-DO list at stay at home mode.
  6. Budgeting
    - How to cut costs (change of lifestyle)
    - How to select the essential versus non-essential items on a shopping list with limited cash flow.
  7. Mental Health
    - Dealing with stress, uncertainty, debts etc.
    - Surviving in different modes of the economy (on a monthly pay check, on diverse pay check and hand to mouth).
  8.  Spiritual health
    - Worshiping away from church, temple, mosque etc.
    - How to build a strong faith, trust and belief. (During happy and tough moments).
  9. Physical health
    - Training in a restricted environment (curfew, lock down, training alone etc.)
    - How technology can used to keep a routine.
  10. Economic stability
    - Understanding how different sectors connects to each other.
    -  Use of existing technologies to solve emerging problems while innovating new ones.
    - Dealing with uncertainty in the business sector versus government directives.
    - The Impact of the 5 P’s People, Product, Purpose, Price and Promotion.

    The role of technology in different sector. This is all for now, I look forward to reading from you, as we find new ways for connectivity, learning and sharing. I believe this is one such place! All the best.