Monday, July 30, 2012

Kenya My Future...

How much do you love your country? I was born in Kenya and I love my country as much as I love myself, it is part of my life. I have heard many of my colleagues complaining and wishing to live in other countries other than Kenya, little do they know what our beloved country has got to offer because of their limited movement around the country and abroad due to especially economical situations or limited opportunities.

In foreign countries, there are quite some developments which can’t be compared with our country but on the contrary, there are unique things that you can only find here in Kenya that makes me a proud Kenyan. I’m really looking forward to the Olympics and I wish team Kenya will do us good as usual. My biggest wish would be that we have the Olympics mood with us forever more because during such global events we usually come together as one Nation and we forget our tribes, the politics and other negative affiliations that surround us.

We should embrace our cultures because that is also what make us proud Kenyans, thus we should shun negative ethnicity by all means. Sometimes I don’t want to watch the news because it is predominated with bad news and politics. All in all, I thank the government for establishing the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) which has seen a reduction of all manner of polarization on tribal lines; NCIC never give up! On the other hand, it is astonishing how we have promoted our local tourism that we can’t even enjoy the flora and fauna of our country.

The problem is that we are unfortunate that we were born on the crack side of the country like the slums and other deplorable situations, but this is not what Kenya is made of, apart from the beautiful natural sceneries there are other precious values of life like hospitality, happiness, peace, love and unity that are rare to find in other countries and Kenya is one of the destinations you can’t miss these values. It is high time we open our eyes and vote wisely and refuse to be used to dive into tribal cocoons. Rather, we should open our eyes wider and see the bigger picture called Kenya and engrave the true spirit of peace, love and unity in our hearts and make Kenya one of the greatest havens in the world.

I have come to appreciate the true value of education and if you are educated and informed, no one would influence you to act before thinking. Let us educate our sons and daughter because Kenya belongs to them and we need to make sure we pass on the baton in a peaceful and prosperous county. Here is a question to you, what have you done for Kenya to make sure we either live in harmony with each other? A sober advice: You don’t need to be a politician to influence positive change in our country, it all starts with the small things we do, say, think and even share.

 As the founder of Wilsen Initiative it is my sincere hope that one day we shall roll out our sport tourism project starting with football to make even bigger contributions in uniting all Kenyans using sports as a vehicle to our destination. The main aim of this project is to create linkages, tour our country, and learn other cultures and the end result being peaceful cohesion of people and appreciation for our country whereby everyone feels fully responsible in developing the Kenya that we want.

“A country never prospers when the good people remain in silence and do nothing in making sure they shape the paths for a prosperous nation”. Wilson Masaka Picture by Wilson Masaka ( Wilsen Initiative Founder), on the picture Tecy Kimberly and her Mum. High resolution picture available for billboard campaign…
By Wilson Masaka: “Love & Passion for what we do shall make us prosper” Lastly a big thank you to everyone who purchased our tribe42 t-shirts which is one year old since we launched it, for those that haven’t gotten a copy and would love to purchase , kindly get in touch with


Monday, July 16, 2012

Wilsen Initiative - Sport Tourism

Mathare North Rangers FC (MNR) is a product of Wilsen Initiative which nurture’s youth talents in football. It is a community club with the following goals;
  • We connect the youth with their community and beyond, whereby forging lasting friendships using football.
  • We envisage traversing our country by playing friendly matches and tournaments that will foster understanding of cultural diversity of people in Kenya and beyond.
  • We use sports tourism to help the youth explore more about their country and communities while learning about why they should embrace diversity in cultures, tribes and trends around. By doing so we shall be contributing to the National fabric of peaceful cohesion of people either directly or indirectly.
  • We also envisage to play in the top league of the Kenya Premier League (KPL) but at the moment it’s not the prime goal why the club was established, rather we would like to connect the youths with opportunities in football around and beyond, basically exposing their talents and urging them to use them to acquire new skills and opportunities.
Club history
The club was established in the year 2010 by Kamuzi Banda (Ex-AFC player), Kennedy Anyango (Nairobits alumni) and Samwel Kimindiri (Trainer at Nairobits). The club was called Rangers F.C though it didn’t have any links with the Rangers F.C ( in the United Kingdom or Posta Rangers in Kenya whatsoever. It was just a group of friends coming together to play football for fun and participate in MYSA ( zonal league, the team lacked a lot things from uniforms, footballs, leadership and talented player s, and this was expected because their major goal was to play for fun. Early in 2011 the three founders of Ranger F.C in Mathare North approached Wilson Masaka (Founder of Wilsen Initiative/ Web developer / ICT trainer at Nairobits) for a proposal to steer  the ‘ship’ with his many valuable experiences working with the youth, community  and  being well exposed football player having played in the Norway cup in 1997, 1998 and 1999 respectively.

At first Wilson couldn't just say yes, because as he had mentioned he didn’t want to do something that only him had the passion, so he was hesitant to repeat past experiences whereby he helped a group of youth establish a football club which was misguided by the passion of some of the youth of ‘get rich quick’ mentality or what’s there for me attitude expecting everything from one person while contributing nothing.

After many persuasion and assurance ( by Kennedy, Samwel and Kamuzi) Wilson could see a new dawn in generational change in youth who were seeking guidance, very passionate and ready to cooperate in seeing their team grow by actively participating in administrative issues of the club and that’s exactly what Wilson was looking for in a team. 
When Wilson Joined hands with the three founders the first thing was to re-brand the team and giving it some unique visibility around and beyond.  Some of the new ideas brought by Wilson and the team are;
  • Ranger F.C changed its name to Mathare North Rangers F.C (M.N.R) inspiring champions…
  • The team bought one uniform(18 jerseys ) which are all written the name of the team
  • One member of Wilsen Initiative donated one set of uniform (18 jerseys)
  • We have at least seven footballs of good quality.
  • We are expecting new uniforms from Wilson’s friend from Germany early August 2012.
  • A part from the material gains we have a great match of skills and talent within the team and everyone is working together in making small contributions when it’s required.
Having mentioned all this team still needs more support to help us reach our vision especially in our sports tourism program to engage the youth even further and link them with opportunities.
So if you have an idea or a football team and you would like us to do an exchange with your team or organization kindly write to info[at] or Wilson.masaka[at]

We thank everyone for the support offered so far to our club and general direction of Wilsen Initiative.
Official T-shirt designed by Wilsenx (Wilson Masaka)

Team Officials
Wilson Masaka – Head coach, Thomas Abungu – Asstitant coach, Team managers-  Kamuzu Banda, Samwel Kimindiri, Kenndey Onyango, Team Captain- Edwin Kipkoech

Written by Evaline Akida ( Asst. Secretary - Wilsen Initiative)