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Unlocking the Power of Social Media: A Master Session on Social Media For Community Based Organisation.

The Gap 

The majority of small and medium-sized community organizations face difficulties managing their social media presence, particularly when it comes to developing strategies, allocating tasks, producing high-quality content, ensuring consistent work flow, underutilizing social media platforms and useful tools, and effectively communicating through a variety of channels, to name a few. 

Most often, the communication team consists of just one semi-skilled person, and the majority of postings are not targeted—even when they aren't sponsored posts. I have been involved with the community-based organization for several years, and throughout that time I have observed that there is also an ad-hoc approach and that social media is generally thought to be limited to Facebook. 

 Training at Kibera Joy Initiative (KJI)

 On October 26 and 27, I had the honour of leading a two-day workshop at the Kibera Joy Initiative in Kenya. The training objective were as follows; 
  1.  To provide training on how to develop content for social media platforms while taking into account the size of the team (staff members and departments) and the tools and resources available. 
  2.  Learn how to Curate, Create and make significant Contributions (3C's). 
  3. To train in how to schedule content. 
  4. To train on how to engage the audience - Discuss the common social media etiquette.
  5.  Social Media, Brand Visibility and Quality Content. 
  6. The general overview of How Social Media Ecosystem has been structured (Paid Vs. Organic). 
 Training Methodology.
  •  Group discussions and personal insights.
  •  Practical assignments and presentations.
  •  Facilitator's input and presentation.
 Deliverables During the Training. 
  •  Create a short video (1-3minutes) using a mobile application. 
  • Create a social media calendar for content creation and posting schedule.
  • The power of three words and create a collage using the three words. 
 +throughMylens /Consult.

I'm accessible on short notice as a freelancer to provide a variety of services, such as mentoring, training, and product development (Logos, training modules, posters, T-shirts etc). 

I offer training and facilitation services to youth-led initiatives and community-based organizations that are at various stages of the organizational life cycle. I'm glad to impart my expertise and abilities to youth-led organizations, community-based organizations, and football teams, to name a few. 


 I train young people in diverse skills that cuts across life-skill, technology, entrepreneurship, project management, financial literacy, community development just to mention but a few. 

My goal is to prepare young people and youth led community based organisation for success in today's rapidly changing and globalised world.

I have the passion to help young people develop their talents and the necessary skills that will eventually increase their chance in the job market (self employed and employed) especially using the digital skills in line with 21st Century skills. 

Areas of expertise; 

 Digital Skills which cuts across many sub topics areas like how to search the internet, using of smartphone, social media content creation, photography, graphic design, financial literacy and tools, computer software packages, personal branding – digital foot-prints, blogging, presentation skills, info-graphic just to mention but a few.

Here are some pictures from the session at Kibera Joy Initiative. 

Do More / Be More / Be Different Football is My Lifestyle / ICT My Career / Empowering Young People is My Calling. 

 Community Project: Email: - Blog: - Wilson Masaka +throughMylens Connect/ Create / Consult.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The State Of Kenyan Women's Football

 As part of the ongoing Women's Africa Cup Of Nations 2024 Qualifiers, I got the opportunity to watch the match between the Harambee Starlets (Kenya) and Indomitable Lionesses (Cameroon) yesterday at Nyayo national stadium. Everyone who attended the game was ecstatic as Harambee Starlets won 4- 3 on penalties. 

Point of View 

Everyone enjoys winning, as seen by the numerous messages of congratulations I have read online from corporations, politicians, and ardent supporters, to name a few. I hope that our victory sparks greater conversation about how Kenyan women's football can be improved so that local players may have sustainable livelihoods.

Following past trends, the Kenyan Women's Premier League currently lacks a league sponsor and struggles to find sponsors or partners to help the football industry develop in a way that can support sustainable lifestyles.

In any case, I join everyone in applauding our national team, the Harambee Starlets, and I'll keep pushing for and doing everything I can to support girls' and women's participation in football, especially at the grassroots level.

Here are some of my articles from the archives; SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 2014 Stand Up for Women Soccer in Kenya


The Kenyan Football Economy Is As Dead As a Dodo.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

10 Important Learning Points As a Freelance Trainers & Facilitators. +throughMylens Bits And Pieces.

+throughMylens / Consult. There those who desire when they die their name to be engraved on the tomb stone with gold or diamond, on the contrary there those whose death leave an everlasting memories of good deed that is indelible in the hearts and souls of many generations. Since 2017, it has been a journey, and listed below are some of the things I've learned. 

 10 Important Learning Points As a Freelance Trainers & Facilitators. +throughMylens Bits And Pieces. 

  1.  You are as valuable as your network.
  2. When you work, you have a predictable way of looking at things, but when you work for yourself, every day counts. 
  3. You must have a T-Shaped personality with a desire to learn more in the same field of expertise but also overcoming obstacles to study in fields that you might not have considered if you were already employed.
  4. Networking, sales, marketing, and financial literacy are crucial abilities. 
  5. When working for a company, people want leave days and suffer from Monday blues, but when working for yourself, there is no such thing as a leave day, especially when you are just getting started and Monday blues don't exist. 
  6. You will feel burnout, especially if you are in the wrong industry for which you lack passion and have only mediocre talents.
  7. Knowing how to charge for your services is a fundamental skill. 
  8.  Two skills you must master are time management and focus. 
  9. You may feel pressurized to drop your position if the figures don't add up. 
  10.  Consistency (consistent quality and workflow), Connect (who do you know), Competition (who your competitors are), and Completion (how many assignments have you successfully finished). 
Work Experience. 
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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Mathare North Combined - Brand Identity and Vision

The Genesis

Around the year 2000, I quit actively playing football, but I haven't ceased being involved in football-related matters, particularly promoting young, upcoming talent through the Wilsen Initiative (Wi), coaching, organizing free master workshops with teams, and digital storytelling for teams (+throughMylens), to name a few.

I co-founded Mathare North Rangers in 2010 and Metro Sports F.C more than 20 years ago.

The Gap That I Seek To Address

In my community, there are over 25 junior teams (U10 - U15) in addition to over 18 senior teams. I have firsthand knowledge of every difficulty teams encounter, including lack of knowledge, frustration, poor management, ineffective capacity building techniques, and resource mobilization.

I have noticed that many outstanding players either lack the desire to play for other clubs, lack knowledge on how to make a career out of playing football, lack mentorship and exposure to play and compete with top level teams, or a combination of these factors.

This is because they are all trapped in the same bubble of numerous similarities and distinct obstacles. In our community, there is now an inflow of players, but in order to develop their God-given ability, they require more exposure and guidance to help them develop the necessary abilities that would lead to a more prosperous future.

The Vision

Right now, playing in a league isn't our major priority; instead, we're looking for opportunities for our players to demonstrate their skills and talent in high-level competitions and friendlies.

One day, I hope to work as a licensed football scout or agent. I want to provide the youth with an in-depth understanding of the football ecosystem so they can become professional footballers.

In the past years I have successfully organized top tier friendly match with Kenya Premier League teams (KPL) like;  Police F.C, Mathare United F.C, Tusker F.C and Sofapaka F.C. We hope to compete in more top level friendly  games and competitions that will provide us a stage to promote our best players.

             Some of my pictures in grid format as coach, mentor...

                               About the Team

The team constitutes different players and coaches from Mathare North who are talented, disciplined, and aspire to play and coach football as a career beyond the comfort and confines of our community.

This is just the beginning, and I pray that it serves as the starting point for a fruitful future of cooperation for the good of all.

#MathareNorthFootball #NextGenCoach ##NextGenPlayer


More than 16 Years...

Sunday, September 17, 2023

throughMylens - Consult

 Life Series

+throughMylens /Consult
Self Made

I'm a student at "Youtube University," and in 2009, I created my blog, Bits and Pieces at to hone my photography and creative writing skills.

I purchased my first camera, a Cybershot, using the money I saved while working on a project in Zanzibar for an organisation called ZanziBits. Later on in the year, I purchased a used DSLR camera from a friend, and ever since then, I have continued to learn.

I enjoy taking pictures of and filming situations that allow me to exercise my imagination and creativity. I enjoy sports, street, human stories, lifestyle, wildlife and nature photography.

While I eagerly anticipate getting a new camera which I know is also important but he most crucial factor in my path is constantly learning and developing myself.

Even though I've taken a lot of pictures, I always think there's one great picture I'm yet to take and this feeling inspires me to keep on learning and exploring new avenues.

Session to Improve Your Skills. #YouthSpace

Anyway, I provide training sessions in photography using the tools at your disposal (a smartphone and a camera, a DSLR or a Cybershot). The course lasts for five days and covers topics like self-paced learning, pre- and post-production, and storytelling.

Get in touch with me for a session with your youth group

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Founders Journey Bits and Pieces +throughMylens - Wilsen initiative -360 Degree

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Life Series...Bits & Pieces Flash Back & Flash Forward

Life Series...Bits & Pieces Flash Back & Flash Forward 

#selfcare #SelfMade #selfpacedlearning

ICT is My Career / Football is My Lifestyle / Empowering Young People is My Calling.

About Me...

I am a social entrepreneur and youth advocate with a passion for creating models of lasting change that will assist both children and youth in discovering new methods of learning and adjusting to new situations that may be influenced by emerging technologies, social and economical issues.

Moment of Self Discovery
Self Discovery Module Learn To Learn at +throughMylens Series.

Just be aware that we are engaged in what I will refer to as a "rat race" of a life.

~  "Carry your own candle, no matter how low that light may be, rather than running after unneeded spotlights that may lead to debt, depression and death." - Wilson Masaka ,Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.

~ " There are some people that will laud you a lot at your funeral, but when you have the time and energy, they may not be willing to sincerely tell you to do more, be more, and be different." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur

~ All feedback and compliments you receive when you're a live are treasure to design the future that you want for self and others. " - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.

#highlights My Experience as a Freelancer Facilitator, Graphic Designer and Trainer.

The thing that terrifies me the most—rather than my phone becoming silent for a while—is when I feel lost, confused, and stuck in my head (Creative Mental Block).

May be you are asking, how do I cope? Anyway, book a session with me on Self Discovery with your youth groups. I'm available September - December 2023. #masterclass #SkillUP

"If you don't share your story, others will do it in a way that only works for their own narrative" - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.

Note:- Picture from the archives.

Do More, Be More and Be Different.

Monday, September 11, 2023

My Story On Financial Literacy.

#SelfMade Life Series...

It's sad that no one provided us with financial literacy education while we were growing up or even while I was working, from the classroom to the workplace, in a way that could have assisted us in amassing wealth for the future.

My prior employer, as far as I can recall, just cared that we received our paychecks on schedule; they had no interest in what we did with the rest of it. The idea that most individuals are savvy with money led to numerous capacity-building sessions being dedicated to other important topics.

I am aware that many young people, both those who are employed and those who are self-employed, wish to have a more reliable source of income in the future but are unsure of how to get started or who to contact.

I currently work for myself and am attempting to create my financial portfolio, which is difficult given that I am a young father with limited resources, a large list of expenses, ongoing operating costs, and debts.

However, I don't regret my youth; instead, I'm more concerned with how to rekindle people's enthusiasm in learning more about money while imparting the invaluable knowledge I've gained from my experiences, especially with young people.

I want to share a video with you today that I hope will encourage you to learn more about financial matters. I would like to share this general knowledge-related online video with my friends and followers.

Keep in mind that; #LearnToLearn #LearnToEarn Learning More Leads to Earning More.

I recommend this video to you to watch on

Note: Before making any investing decisions, you must conduct in-depth study and seek out additional information. The video provides some excellent wealth-building advice.

The Mindset at Different Stages Of Life #MyStory Bits And Pieces

~ As a child, I used to blame my parents for all of my suffering, perceptions, and comprehension of our dire circumstances.

~ As a youth, the government's lack of enabling environments and shifting the goal posts to most election promises—which, in some views, are also true—were all I could see as the cause of my awful predicament.  Being a young person, I could also see my parents fighting to make ends meet, and as their struggles became more apparent to me, I came to appreciate what they had done and to desire to change our way of life out of poverty.

~  As an adult who is over 38 years old and a young parent in that regard, I have realized that everything depends on me.

The government continues to be the pillar for enhancing and supporting a conducive environment for everyone to succeed, whereas my parents were just a source of support and did well in their time.

The Lesson Of My Tale is...

The Mind Shift! #YouthSpace #YouthCulture

"It can be easy to blame someone or the government for you predicament but on the contrary, lack of information, ignorance, bad habits, and failing to learn from the past are some of the quick gateways into poverty." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur

When is the best time to learn about money? 

 #financialliteracy #LearnToLearn

A) When You Don't Have Money.
B) When You Have Money.
C) Anytime or Any Situation (Always a top priority).

Do More, Be More and Be Different.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Mathare North Combined F.C #Reloaded ~ Tusonge Mbele Pamoja

Mathare North Combined F.C #Reloaded ~ Tusonge Mbele Pamoja ~ 

The groundwork for this team was laid many years ago by Wilson Masaka who was able to organize a number of top-tier friendly matches with clubs like Police F.C., Sofapaka, Equity, and Mathare United as well as take part in the 2014 Tusker Pre-Season Tournament. 

His philosophy is to combine outstanding football players who want to pursue a career in the sport to play in various settings. 

The goal is not an all-star lineup, but rather a more powerful team that is capable of competing at the highest level and is comprised of players who are not only skilled but also disciplined and open to new experiences. 

The team's primary goal is to introduce young people from Mathare North to various learning environments so they may develop their skills and, if feasible, take advantage of any openings for player acquisition. 

 The Point Of View

  Despite the numerous difficulties we encounter as a community, I am more passionate than ever about elevating and supporting Mathare North football. Many of the Youngstars should play top-level football in my ideal world, and if that isn't possible, they should be able to make a living playing football at any level. 

My career was greatly influenced by football, which allowed me to travel extensively both domestically and abroad and finance both my schooling and my way of life. - Wilson Masaka, +throughMylens and founder Wilsen initiative (Wi). 

The Background We have more than 20 senior teams in the Mathare North community, and each team does reasonably well in different competitions, despite the fact that we could all do even better if we pooled our resources for a single objective.

 " I've seen that while we have players that are capable of playing in the Premier League, they are dispersed among several clubs, making it difficult to spot them. Keep in mind that football is a team sport, and for everyone to succeed, we also need a great team that is visible in many competition." - Wilson Masaka. So what is Mathare North Combined F.C.

This is an initiative that has been established by +throughMylens - Wilson Masaka, who is also one of the celebrated legends in Mathare North football fratenity. He's also the founder of Wilsen initiative (Wi) that supports football activities within Mathare North especially for U10 - U12 teams (Boys and Girls). 

 The idea started wayback in the years whereby we have had opportunity to play top tier teams in friendly matches. The team brings together players, coaches, team managers, resource mobilizers, just to mention but a few. Whenever and wherever it is required, we will contribute our resources, tools, and knowledge for the success of the team. 

 The Team Formation- Ten Guiding Principles.

 1. The team can constitute a combination of 2-3 teams but in some case it can accommodate more players from other teams.

 2. The players aren't permanent, whenever there's a call the coaches and players will be selected, appointed or informed. 

3. The team will only participate in top tier friendly matches with clubs from Division 1, National Super League and Kenya Primer League. 

4. The team will only participate in tournaments outside Mathare North. 

5. The Mathare North Combined F.C doesn't mean All-stars team but rather it is about talented, disciplined, commited players and management team who want to build a career in football. 

6. At the moment the team will not participate in any league. 

 7. No player or coach is on permanent basis.

 8. The idea is open to the individual and teams that are open minded and want to do more towards a achieving a common goal.

9. It isn't a must for all the teams and players based in Mathare North to be associated with the initiative

10. Only players and coach who aspire for more challenge will be engaged. Players will be expected to train at their respective clubs and will be notified incase there is a match on schedule which mostly will be on week days. 

The Core Objective Of Mathare North Combined F.C 

 1. To share resources, knowledge and skills.

 2. To strengthen our visibility and market our talented players to top tier clubs. 

3. To inculcate the principle of unity with purpose that will make everyone work together and avoid unnecessary rivalry. 

4. To complete in local tournament beyond Mathare North that brings together great teams from different backgrounds. 

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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The Evolution Of The Wilsen Initiative (Wi) Brand.

~ Also Known as the Wi-X2 - Effect and Experience.

A great brand aims to establish a relationship with its audience and be relevant, relatable, memorable, and most importantly, remembered for the work it has done and the goals it has set for itself in the future. Beyond the name, logo, business cards, etc., a great brand has more and the realization of a great brand's vision involves some sort of change. 

 " Your logo isn't necessarily your brand; rather, it's a component of the group of assets that make up your brand. "Creating a brand requires more touchpoints that people can remember and connect with in some sort of action, but designing a logo can only take a few hours at most." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate, Social Entrepreneur and Team Leader / Founder at Wilsen initiative (Wi) 

Call For Support :- Upcoming Event - December 2023 

We are currently planning the annual Mathare Festive Season Football Tournament (MNFSFT) for U10-U15 in December as well as the I aM a sHERO Skill-up Master Session for the same month. 

Note:- At the moment we don't have a supporting partner and all activities depend on the availability of the necessary resources from our effort to mobilize resources among friends, family, and well-wishers. 

 Did You Know W.I.L.S.E.N stands for... 

W - Willpower / Willingness. 
I - Inspiration 
L - Learning (Lifelong Learning)
S - Success 
E - Exploration 
N - Networking 

Read more on; 

 Should you be in a position to support or collaborate with us in the forthcoming events in December 2023 get in touch, Do More / Be More / Be Different