Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Lives Are Inter-Linked

This weekend I had a fantastic time with kids at Angaza Angaza Sports & development center is a community and youth driven Non-Governmental organization (NGO) based in Thika town 40km from the capital city, Nairobi. Founded and started its operations in 2008 and registered in 2009 as an NGO, the organization intervenes on youth and children's rights, HIV/Aids awareness and life skills, economic development, education, girls child empowerment and peace building and reconciliation.

I had the honor to interact, inspire and educate the youth at Angaza who are leaders of several initiatives at Angaza. On my visit  I was able to share my experiences while also addressing key factors that makes us succeed or even achieve our dreams in life.  During this interactive session which was well attended,  I explained the importance of the following three building blocks that everyone needs to observe if you want a greater future and that is;

1.    Mind Set versus Skills set
2.    Personal Branding
3.    Decision Making

On the other hand on Sunday we hosted  Dandora Rangers F.C in a football friendly match before the general elections which is around the corner. Our team ( Mathare North Rangers) scored four goals against three in a competitive match organized by Wilsen Initiative.

Below are some pictures from Thika, Football Match and my photographic expedition over the weekend.

 At Angaza office well equipped...
Theme: My Dream, My Future...
 Mathare North Rangers Vs. Dandora Rangers
Theme:  Lets Kids Play..
 Mathare North Rangers V/s Dandora Rangers F.c
 Theme: Focus
 Theme: My tools of trades
 What do you want to become?
 Presentation during the session at Angaza.
Discussion forum at Angaza.

Till we meet again, maintain PEACE-LOVE –UNITY before, during and after elections.