Monday, August 22, 2011

What is your contribution?

Jedidiah and Maryanne

Mark, Nur and Masaka

Wilsenx initiative - Tribes 42 brand t-shirt. Model on the picture Ms. Evaline Akida.

Model in the picture: Bonnie from MEDEVA
Model on the picture: Mary Wanjiku (web designer) and Caroline Mbiru ( Visual artist)

Green design too :)

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What is your contribution towards a peaceful coexisting of people in Kenya while we still embrace our cultural diversity etc? At Wilsenx we create positive art works that relates to people and we contribute towards positive changes in our community and the world at large.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Creativity unlimited

Wilsenx initiative has been on the forefront in advocating for personal branding amongst the youth whereby urging them to utilize their skills and talents to the fullest. One of the subjects that can’t miss on our list of inspiration and motivation talk is visual thinking which evokes creativity and makes one to be informed before creating any product.

Logo design: Otto-benecker girl's F.C

T-shirt concept originally designed by Wilsenx;

My tribe is Kenya – tribes 42 (On sale)

Back and front side

One thing about a great citizen of a nation is to be patriotic about your country and help in any way possible to foster harmony, peace, unity, development etc. In Kenya we have 42 tribes with different beliefs, traditions, cultures etc; which should be embraced and not to be used to either intimidate or discriminate a particular community.

As a nation we should stand strong and preach peace and make our beloved nation a haven for peace. This t-shirt seeks to create awareness for togetherness and patriotism, whereby people living as one without intimidation or discrimination hence everyone looking at the bigger picture called Kenya. “Tuwache ukabila, ukabila ni adui ya maendeleo” means stop tribalism it’s a stabling block to development.

Otto-benecker girls’ football club (On sale)

Front and back side

Otto- Benecker F.C envisage empowering youths through sports especially football and also encourages and advocates for girl child education. Check more on their website, since inception Otto- benecker f.c has been featured in many regional and local tournaments and they have been actively participating in MYSA ( zonal leagues and programs in general.

“Nungo piny Kirom” - Women group (Not for sale)

Back and front side

This is a women initiative that empowers women to save for future and initiate SME (Small and Medium enterprises) projects in the community. Wilsenx designed and printed their brand t-shirts that is only for the members.

Mathare North Rangers Football club (On sale)

Front and back side

Mathare North Rangers F.C is a sports initiative under the banner of Wilsenx initiatives which seeks to spot and nurture football talents in the community whereby connecting youth with opportunities around and beyond.

Wilsenx brand t-shirt: The champion in you… (On sale)

Front and back side

This is the original t-shirt of Wilsenx initiative which comes in different variations of colors and different fashionable t-shirts for example ladies v-top polo, round neck t-shirt, men polo etc. For more read how Wilsenx was born.

Note: We have different color schemes of Wilsenx t-shirt like orange, pink, blue, red, yellow design etc; On different color of t-shirts too.

Note: You can order the designs on round neck t-shirt, v-top ladies, polo v-top ladies and polo unisex design

Some of the funds received by selling the t-shirts help us fund small activities in our football team like transport cost, footballs and sometimes lunch for the players depending on the sales for the month or year.

So get one of our brands to support our initiative and if you want anything designed and developed for you don’t hesitate to contact us through info [at]

Example of services offered on request are website maintenance, t-shirt design, brochures, T-shirt printing, posters, post cards, business cards, websites, logos, motivational talks etc.

Best phrase: “imitation kills creativity, so don’t copy but get ideas from the designs”. By Wilsenx

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Look, Listen and Learn.

We are now in the second quarter of the year and the last month being August, for those who do a lot of planning with a simple track and trace mechanism not necessary with a computer, but from the simplest approach you can think of like a book and pen, it would be wise for me to share my reflection of the last seven months and put things in perspective.

It’s time to take a pause and Look at where we have come from, Listen to our inner voice and Learn from all the episodes of life. In the last seven months I have developed a common phrase ‘Tuna-Learn = TL’ meaning that we are learning, and I find this fascinating when my students always refer to it, sometimes in a jokily manner which makes me learn again and again.

In life learning doesn’t stop either formally or informally and in my journey towards learning I have developed a concept around learning called the ‘L3’ factor of learning which goes like;
Looking - using our eyes we see sometimes even the unseen and sometimes we see more than other people can see and basically this depends with a lot of factors like your background, environment, belief system, experiences etc.

I’m not talking of the biological aspect of it, like long sight or short sight but rather to the perspective of using your sight to learn and apply solutions to a problem. This is majorly directed to the creative minds that usually try’s to innovate systems and creative products that targets a certain audience. From looking, you can create perceptions, get a solution, challenges, and identify problems etc.

Listening - The act of listening connected to a feeling. By keenly listening to your inner voice do you realize that even pictures carry sound with them? I have discovered a new way of learning and this is through listening and not by our ears but our feelings which evokes emotions and passion through doing something. Literally when you listen to music how you do feel? Do you always care about the content? Do you listen to the words spoken or the rhythms? Whichever way you will apply it there is always power in listening either using your inner voice or ears that connects also with looking.

Learning – People learn through many ways to become whoever or what they want to become in life. Some of us are fortunate to get the best foundation from childhood to adulthood education attending the best schools in town. But hope is not lost for the less fortunate who think that they can’t make it to become what they want in life. Today I want to share some of the many tips of learning that can propel you to succeed in life.

  • Listen to your inner voice and follow your passion.
  • Connect with friends that add value in achieving your vision.
  • Utilize opportunities of learning like by attending workshops; join a club or youth group that meets your interest etc.
  • Use your talents that shall help you in either building your education foundation through the many networks and benefits that you shall get.
All in all without any doubt or debate if you get a chance of attending a formal set up for education like college, universities etc grab the chance and don’t waste your time indulging in activities that doesn’t add values to your life, utilize that opportunity because it one of the best set ups you get to learn about a profession that you aspire, and without contradicting myself the formal set up won’t teach you everything about life but a combination of formal education and self learning on daily basis shall lead you to the promise land of success ; for example in web design, law, mechanics just to mention but a few.

Mathare North super 8 tournament.

A lot of great things happen around us that sometimes don’t get a chance to be published in major media like the newspapers because of one reason or the other, thanks to the advent of internet that has made the world of information sharing possible through such platforms like blogs, social media, sports websites etc. The great thing is that the news is published by the people from the source, yet many things can be talked about the pro and cons of the new media but that is a subject for another day.

Last weekend was one of its kind after a long wait of an initiative that could help the youth connect and explore their talents and put their energy in good use. I thank the organizer and the sponsor of Mathare North super 8 tournament that gave our best eight teams in the MYSA Mathare North zonal league a chance to compete in an electric 2 days tournament.

Quarter finalist: Mathare North Rangers v/s Mercy care f.c. score 3-0 respectively

The tournament received a good attendance of about 300 spectators from the community, and this wasn’t something to overlook but a great achievement to see the appreciation of such magnitude. Mathare North Rangers Football club, a set up by Wilsenx team were the finalist against Zamalek ( from Mathare 4A), these two teams have met in many occasions with the results being barren draws or a winning merging of 1-0 from either side, as noted these are the top teams in the community that has great and talented future players.

Zamalek F.C ( from Mathare 4A) were the winners of the first edition of Mathare North super 8 tournament by defeating Mathare North Rangers F.C 2 -0 in a exciting match that was praised by many football fans. In the first half Zamaleck were able to make swift passes and were very creative on the ball that saw them score the first goal through a corner kick, in the second half at least for 10minutes they were able to continue with the style that saw them score a second goal through another a corner well crafted.

Mathare North Rangers tactics did work for the last 35minutes whereby Zamalek were forced to defend by all means while Rangers kept on striking ‘missiles’ from dead balls and creative crafted free kicks from their point man Kamuzu Banda.

Mathare North Rangers f.c

Zamalek f.c from Mathare 4A.

Wilson Masaka; Mathare North Rangers F.c coach

In the last 10minutes Mathare North Rangers increased their tempo and were very strong on the ball with good runs coming from both the flanks and the striking force whereby they created at least four great chances that they were not able utilize. Anyway in every match or competition there are winners and losers but this tournament was very special whereby the winners, 1st runners up and 2nd runners up were all awarded cash prizes and set of new uniforms.

All the participating teams were also awarded new set of uniforms during the final presentation and everyone was urged to keep the same unity and shun tribalism and live as one people thus the main theme of the tournament.

Final presentation; tournament organizers and sponsor receiving Mathare North Rangers t-shirt