Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Personal Journey:- Learn 10 Things You Can Do During This Tough Times Of Lockdown.

 +throughMylens #BigQuestion How Has the New Directive Affected You & What Suggestions Do You Have for Self and Others? #UpCloseMyJourney Today I found myself asking a lot of questions without clear answers. It feels like someone bewitched me, the moment I just thought things were going to be better and in control after one year struggle in the year 2020 everything again was thrown into the air by the new directives. I understand for the better of all it is important to take some actions where we need to protect life, but on the contrary if livelihood is threatened, life too will also be affected. On my side the silence is getting louder from no phone calls for prospects, no new ideas, nowhere to go, no prospects, no partnership prospects and no jobs. 

 Anyway, I still have faith that things will be better again and the worst thing someone can do is to lose SELF. Losing oneself has many meaning, I don't want to think of the worst but you can find yourself without any energy, fearful of the future, feeling hopeless, mental blocks etc, in short depression is real. #Thoughtful I know I'm not alone that is why I have decided to write this post which can help someone out there. 

Below are few suggestions I have come up with that you can try to keep you sober and awake at this tough moments; 

  1.  Cut cost where possible. A simple example you can change where you buy stuff, there are different pricing and quantity for the same commodity especially some food stuff. 
  2. Do some simple exercises. This can be for example taking regular long walks. 
  3. Sell some stuff that you have but don't need. 
  4. Create new routines that challenge you outside the comfort zones. 
  5. Use this time to redefine self, reinvent self, seek for more self revelations through prayers etc. 
  6. Define your cash flow. If it has been dented has the only source draft a plan and take manageable loans. 
  7. Be ready to take any meaningful jobs that is out of your career zone. 
  8. Seek for support from family and friends. 
  9. Help someone where you can, you might not have money but you can never underestimate a good advise and quality time can do in saving oneself. 
  10. Celebrate every little moment and in prayers always seek for God guidance. Act Today; There is no better day than today. 
Yesterday is History, Today my Future, Tomorrow is a Promise . More insight www.wilsenx.blogspot.com

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

14 Questions That I Wish I Had Asked My Grandmother

#FamilyMoment #RIPDannySiprina It has been many weeks of planning and finally you will be laid to rest this Friday 12th March 2020. 

#OldIsGold In the world of elderly people (Wazee) lives great wisdom & great untold stories. Give them love, care, tenderness, support, etc. . 

If your grandmother or grandfather is still alive, make time to visit them, spend quality time, learn your roots, family story, journeys, philosophy, values, family tree, tradition etc. I didn't know how old my grandmother was, until the time I was tasked with the responsibility of designing the funeral brochure/eulogy. 

 My grandmother was 97 years, and the question is how many of us will reach this golden years? #CelebrationOfLife 

Here is a list of things I wish I had asked my lovely, resilient and generous grandmother #TheMissedDialogue 
  1. How old are you and what has kept you this fit? 
  2. What type of food have you been eating? 
  3. What has kept you contented, yet I see you aren't rich? 
  4. How do you handle life pressure? 
  5. Amongst the four Kenyan president who is your favorite & Why? 
  6. How has technology changed or influenced your lifestyle?
  7. If you we to predict the future, how would the World look like? 
  8. How was life during your youth ? 
  9. How can you describe my dad during his youth? 
  10. How was your marriage life? 
  11. What was the most important thing you consider in choosing friends? 
  12. What is your opinion of intermarriage especially marrying someone from another tradition & culture? 
  13. How many life pandemic have been there and how did you deal with them? 
  14. Did your wish in life come true? And what was that? 
Back to you...

Now you know what to do, don't miss that golden conversation incase either your grandmother or grandfather is still alive.

M son Adrian with grandy, great-grandson moment

My brother and grandy Siprina