Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Creative Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Creative Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Powered by Wilsen initiative (Wi) and +throughMylens 


As the world changes we need to tell a different story to students that will inspire them to focus not only on landing good jobs but, more importantly, on becoming innovators to solve the problems the world continues to face in a variety of sectors.

'Jitume, itajipa'  Program.

Aims to help young people not only achieve more but also, and more crucially, translate their aspirations into action plans and viable business concepts. Additionally, we aim to support young business owners in adjusting to new trends that impact their operations. 

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How it Works

5 days Master Classes for Early Stage Entrepreneurs and young People Who Wants to Start a Business.

Venue:-  On site by hosting organisation. 

Our Models:- Paid sessions and Sponsored sessions.

  a) Paid sessions  - Participants to pay for the training based on the call for registration.

  b) Sponsored session - Hosting organisation to pay the facilitation fee and organise all that is necessary for the success of the training. Well-wishers are also invited  to sponsor the sessions, whereby Wilsen initiative and +throughMylens/ Consult will then make arrangements for all that is required.

Expected number of participants  per cohort 10 - 25 people.

What You Will Learn

 -  Scaling Up Business (small to medium business).

- Costing and pricing.

- Brand Identity.

- The business model canvas.

-  Demystifying why you need more than capital to start a business.

- The 4 P's of marketing.

- Cash Flow Cycle (Save, Invest, Loan etc).

And many more...

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Friday, January 19, 2024

Wilsen Initiative (Wi) Score Card For The Year 2023

I want to start by expressing my gratitude to everyone who helped us succeed in 2023 and the years before. We are able to push ourselves and inspire others to become better versions of themselves because of your kind encouragement and support. 

"An idea by itself is insufficient; you must attach the resources required to make the idea function through an action plan, or else your ideal plan will always remain a dream." - Wilson Masaka, founder Wilsen initiative and +throughMylens 

At Wilsen Initiative (Wi) we engage the children and young people more, especially during school breaks. Using the limited safe spaces and resources, we organise creative arts sessions, football tournament and life-skill training for children and youth.

#TheWiEffect #theWiExperience 

" I believe that through football as a 'vehicle',  creative arts, field trips for exposure and life skills training, our target group (children and youth) will find meaningful engagement not only to make them happy in the moment but more so find long lasting experiences that will make them better looking into the future. " - Wilson Masaka, Wilsen initiative Founder, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.

Note: All our interventions are subject to availability of resources and required support. Our support mainly comes from friends, family, members contributions and well wishers. You too can join us in making 2024 the best experience ever. Calendar of Activities; - During School Break April, August and December. - Ongoing through the calendar namely; Skill Up Master sessions and Play Safe With Dignity Football Shoes Campaign. Wishing you all the best in 2024 and let us Do More Together.

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

ABC of Money šŸ’°

  šŸ’°+throughMylens #FinancialLiteracy

Building a strong financial foundation is one of my 2023 goals that I'm continuing into 2024. This doesn't necessarily mean becoming a millionaire; rather, it means creating a routine in my freelancing existence that will enable me to earn money, save money, and make investments.

Savings might occasionally be simple if you have a good habit; investing, however, is a different matter. Finding the right mix between investing and saving can be difficult, particularly if your cash flow is tight.

How do you fit into this diagram? Are you in cash flow or are you cash-strapped?

Freelancing isn't simple, and many people have started businesses for the wrong reasons, lasting only a short time before becoming cash-strapped.  

Don't assume that only accountants and those in the finance department need financial literacy; it applies to everyone.

Let us learn more together this January under Skill Up Master Classes. I'm available from 15th January 2024 to conduct a session on Financial literacy 101. 

The Simplest but also toughest equation about money...

- Earn, Save, Invest and Spend. 

In this mathematical equation spending is the easiest. You want to know why? Book Me for a session with your youth group.

{Earn,  Save,  Invest and Spend}


{ Knowledge, Time and Decision} 

Think about this; which best fits your lifestyle #Budgeting 

A) Daily budget 

B) Weekly budget

C ) Monthly budget

D) Yearly budget 

E) No budget 

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

The Life Pendulum

You're either experiencing something or participating in an experiment.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone that supported me during 2023. I had no idea at the beginning of the year, and to make matters worse, I was afraid I wouldn't survive as a freelancer in Nairobi till the end of the year.

Tough Nut to Crack!

Working as a freelancer was the most fulfilling, but it was also the most difficult since there was so much uncertainty that it was easy to give up. I occasionally went months without receiving any assignments while my bills kept mounting, but I was able to weather the storms because of my unwavering attitude, general outlook of life situation and support from my wider network through assignments based on facilitation, teaching and photography.

Asanteni sana, we do it even better in 2024.

In 2024...

~ " Make an effort to succeed on your own terms rather than trying to appear successful." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.

~ "Life is like a marathon, where you get to meet all kinds of individuals along the way to the finish line." - Wilson Masaka, Youth Advocate and Social Entrepreneur.

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Life Series +throughMylens It is a marathon not a sprint

Six individuals that you will probably run into in 2024 are as follows:

1. The people who will cheer you on when you cross the finish line and celebrate your victory.
2. The people who will be waiting for you at the finish line, cheering you on and expressing their appreciation for finishing the race regardless of your place.
3. Those who will cheer you on for every point you score during the race and keep an eye on your progress from a distance.
4. Those who will keep an eye on you throughout the workout and motivate you to have confidence in your ability to win.
5. People who see your defeat will assert that they were aware that you would not prevail.
6. People who say or do nothing, but as soon as you win or lose, they'll express their thoughts regarding the predictions they chose not to share.

We will all begin the new year on January 1, 2024, and it will end on December 31, 2024. One thing to remember is to run your own race because, despite the fact that things may appear the same, each of us is living a unique life story.

Things To Say And Not Say in 2024 to Witness A Gimps of Hope and Progress.

1. Make today the day rather than just one day.
2. Make this the year instead of putting it off until next year.
3. Instead of saying I'll try, say I'll do it.

Bits and Pieces, NO means Next Opportunity.

Life Series +throughMylens

Bits and Pieces, NO means Next Opportunity.

10 Things About Opportunities You Should Know. +throughMylens - Wilson Masaka.

1. Those who seek opportunity will find it.
2. Those who create activities that draw it will eventually have opportunities.
3. Self activation is more important in bringing opportunities your way.
4. Opportunity still depends on timing and location; it is not solely dependent on luck.
5. The chance to attract more opportunities depends on the value you add to the ecosystem.
6. Your networks are where opportunity is more prevalent.
7. Occasionally, opportunity lurks in an ambiguous circumstance.
8. Opportunity follows a behavioral path
9. Opportunities sometimes come in little packages, and patience is a virtue.
10. Having an additional set of glasses with a good attitude is necessary to recognize opportunities when others fail to see them.

Happy New Year, wishing you all a prosperous 2024.

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