Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Testimony - The power of patience, Internet and prayers

"I had no faith in searching for a job but I think this was just for me.Imagine I searched the job on the internet and I was called for an interview."

"I was so nervous on thats day imagine being interviewed with a person in Australia through skype and I was the only person who had a certificate .All the others had degrees I was asked why they should choose me and guess what I had to defend my self.I told them I was from the best instituion that offers web design package and what matters is the knowledge and understanding of the process."

"The good part was when I was asked about my starting salary and said 30k which to me I thought it was quite too much. Believe it or not two days after I was the only person who was offered the job opportnity and offered the salary I had requested.As am speaking there is also another company that wants me but I have already signed a contract."

"This moved me and I thanked God for the opportunity.May you be blessed coz you were the person who gave me motivation and courage on the institution and you made me under standard the fundamentals of web design."

This email I received from my former student and it really inspired me. Please note everything you get on the internet you need to take precautions. Not everyone on the net is good, on the other hand that is not to say there are no good opportunities like the above story. Congratulations :)

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