Monday, December 13, 2010

Wilsenx brand T-shirt is launched

Today is another great day after celebrating 47th birthday of the great republic of Kenya. 'Najivunia kuwa Mkenya' I'm proud to be a Kenyan and I pray that the almighty Father will bless us and keep us in peace, love, unity and tranquility.

Part of my celebration this Jamuhuri day is the launch of my brand T-shirt which is available to anyone who feels like a champion by influencing positive change in the world. It goes at a very minimal fee to support the Wilsenx initiative which shares life experiences with youth either to motivate and inspire them to be champions in whatever positive things they do, and realize their full potentials using their talents and skills.

Below are some T-shirt; Front and back view. If you need one holla me at

All rights reserved; designed by Wilsenx

Wilsenx T-shirts, launched :)

Ladies v-top available too!

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