Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reminiscence and a great honor to founders of Nairobits and MYSA.

Today I would like to honor two organizations that is, MYSA (Mathare Youth Sports Association) and NairoBits for creating channels for youth to explore and expand their talents and skills. I’m an alumnus for both organization and I thank everyone in a special way, who have made the models a success.

Brief history Nairobits

NairoBits is a youth based organization that uses ICT multimedia creatively to improve the lives of less privileged children and youth from the non-formal settlement. Founded in the year 1999 by the butterfly works from the Netherlands, the organization has positively impacted lives of over 1,000 youngsters in Kenya through her programs. Source http://www.nairobits.com

Brief history of MYSA

MYSA is a self-help youth program linking sports with environmental cleanups, AIDS prevention, Leadership training and other community service activities involving approximately 20,000 young people.

Started in 1987 as a small self-help project to organize sports and environmental cleanups within Mathare slums in Nairobi, the organization has grown from a small youth to renowned youth serving organization that promotes sports for development. Source http://www.mysakenya.org/

Do you know the history of NairoBits? and how well do you know it?

Someone said, pictures speaks louder than a thousand words. What about videos?

To all alumni and current students of Nairobits this are must watch videos to see where the journey all started.

NairoBits - videos. Where it all started!

Click here to watch video one | Click here to watch video two

Wilsenx “special content can never be too old to watch or read” tributes to the founders and the 2000 Nairobits pioneer students.

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