Thursday, November 10, 2011

The raising poet from the heart of Mathare slums

NAIROBITS acrostic poem by; Kebane Victor ( NairoBits student)

NairoBits is a Digital Design School that provides education to the Nairobi slum youth. They put digital tools of expression in the hands of the youth who have the creativity but not the means to express themselves. These youth in turn act as multipliers to the organization that they partner with. For more please check;

No comparison can match the positive change in our lifestyles now

Amid the challenges we face, we have with us ICT multimedia skills

It was a dream back then, a seed of the digital design school was planted back then.

Reality it is now, a number of our peers are making it big through the now grown plant

Onwards, onwards we soldier on, the impact is felt when we are in the field.

Bits by bits we execute the creative skills, translating to positive contributions for a balanced society

In our hands, the digital tools of expression we get rank second to none, thank you we say softly

To multiply the skills to the community we learn at the school, we do it wholeheartedly

So many are benefits one gets from the school, we wish the institution nothing but success.

I'm proud to be associated with the NairoBits family. Wilsenx initiative highlights exceptional talents in the community be it in sports, drawing , painting etc; whereby we provide platforms for the youth to express their talents and make contribution to a better world. Victor Kabane is one of the many great artists that you find in the heart of Mathare slums using their skills and talents to make both ends meet.

Continue writing brother...