Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tips on How to Start Your Sport Initiative

Today I am going to share with you four easy steps on how to set up your sports initiative. I have a strong background in sports in this case football; I have played in the regional league in Kenya and participated in the Norway cup which is an annual international youth tournament in Norway in different years. Currently I am the head coach of Mathare North Ranger F.C which is a small community club I founded with my colleagues in the slums of Mathare North in Nairobi, Kenya. Football spirit or if want to call it ‘blood’ runs in my family lineage whereby my father used to play active football, one of my brother and three sisters too plays football in Nairobi, Kenya at different levels.

My fellowship at D&F academy in Hamburg, Germany has been able to offer me the opportunity to learn more while I share my vast experiences gained by coaching a group of youth while also learning other important skills to make me realize my dream plans in life and impact positively in the entire world.

Sport has been the root source for many successes in my life from education, work and currently I am on a fellowship here in Hamburg, Germany. I am strong advocate for sports for development whereby it has impacted positively in my life by creating connections in my life most particularly shaping my career path. This is why I want to share with you four easy steps that will help you start your sports initiative that you are passionate about, and as a result it will create avenues for youths to use their energy positively and discover more about themselves and opportunities around. The Four steps to consider while starting your sports Initiative;
  1. Decide on the sport.
  2. Develop your mission and vision.
  3. Create a support team.
  4. Spread the word.
Step 1: Decide on the sports. You need to decide on the sport that you want to engage in, for example is it football, rugby, hockey, basket ball etc. The most important of all you need to have passion in the sport and understand the rules of the game. It also helps when you have experience playing the sport.

Step2: Develop your mission and vision. Create a mission and vision statement for your initiative. Ask yourself; Why? What? Who? When and How? questions that will help you craft your mission and vision statements.

Step 3: Create a support team You need a team of passionate people to work with and help you in achieving your vision, as the adage goes “No one is an Island, together we stand divided we fall” I believe in that saying and it is a philosophy I have used to be successful. So connect with likeminded people…

Step 4: Spread the word Finally step four, get the message out and get to be known for what you want to achieve and share that knowledge, skills and experiences because everyone discovers something new while working on a project. I am very glad to share this precious life experiences and I hope it will help you even come up with great ideas and sports projects.

You can’t miss to watch this video; How to start you sports initiative by Wilson Masaka D&F fellow from Kenya.

 If you have any direct questions please drop me an email at wilson.masaka [at]

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