Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Inspired Make Love Not War T-shirt design.

We are living in a world of uncertainty, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow but through God’s grace and strong belief we thank our almighty Father for life and health.  A big percentage of the world’s problem is created by human beings for example poverty, pollution, insecurity, hunger, war just to mention but a few.  Come to think of it,  where do we go wrong? I tend to believe there are many people out there that don’t have regard for humanity through perpetuating violence and other crime related issues that makes the world even more polarized.

Using my work, skills, talent and time I have been working on positive change projects  for example T-shirt design and sports venture.   Make Love Not War is a Kenyan T-shirt design collection designed by me, the first series was Tribes42: One Nation One People followed by Love Waves: United Kenya and now I have Make Love Not War. The year 2013 is a year of jubilee ( Kenya 50th anniversary, golden Jubilee)  for my beloved country Kenya, I wouldn’t like to witness what happened in 2007/2008 post election violence whereby most people from diverse backgrounds especially the women and children suffered a lot.

In future  I would love to vie for leadership position in my country to provide good leadership that we have been yearning for many decades and as Napoleon said; “A leader is a dealer in hope. “  Napoleon Bonaparte.  We can agree to disagree but we need not to fight each other,  we should agree that there is great power in diversity and that's why my country Kenya should always be proud of having all the 42 tribes in place.

My plea to all Kenyans during this forthcoming general election on March 4th , is to embrace Peace, Love and Unity. The concept of  Make Love Not War T-shirt design comes at an opportune time after what was witnessed with the hotly contested nominations which left many contestants crying foul of not being declared winners.

 Back View
Orayoz! Make Love Not War..

Kenyans should embrace peace before and after the election, and the best expression is to love one another and not fight each other.  The best way I can reach many Kenyans is through my T-shirt campaigns; Make Love Not War and tribes42 T-shirts, because I’m not privileged to get space to address a big audience like that of  the political rallies but there are many avenues we can promote peace and put our message across not forgetting to mention the power of the internet (online presence). I would urge all the politicians  to unite us all despite their/our political affiliations and use the public platform to unite us thus hope for a new Kenya...

Coming next is Africa Designs… Watch the space somewhere in May 2013

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