Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Guest Lectures at CMETrust – Discover Your Youthful Potential.

On 23rd April 2013 I had the pleasure to be invited by the Canada Mathare Education Trust (CMETrust) to give lectures to youth who are on school break after the first term. The mission of CMETrust is to advance education in Kenya by providing secondary school scholarships through funds raised annually, to students from Mathare Valley Slum, Nairobi; and, to raise awareness in Canada about education and poverty in urban Kenya. During school holiday’s CMETrust organizes lessons in multiple fields for example life skills, entrepreneurship, leadership among others and for more details kindly visit http://cmetrust.orgCMETrust is a youth friendly organization.

It is amazing to experience how they connect with their youth who are enthusiastic about learning new things, and they are informed about their environment. Titus told me they chose me because they wanted to connect with people who live or have lived in similar neighborhoods as their target groups, and have succeeded in life in one way or the other. This opportunity wouldn’t have come at a better time , because I love teaching, sharing, and inspiring the young people as a way of promoting good leadership, developing responsible citizenship and giving back to the community.

My ideas are all collected through the Wilsen Initiative (WI), which is a project that is registered under the government of Kenya and seeks to educate, connect and inspire the younger generation who are future leaders in our great nations.

Summary of the day;

 1. Introduction: Who I am, my work, family, dreams e.t.c;
 This was categorized in story form under four major topics ;

  •  Life in Sport 
  •  Community service 
  •  Design Development 
  •  Technology & Teaching 
2. Free writing - two minutes. Every participant was requested to write something about themselves within a time limit of two minutes! Later we tried to recall three things about our colleagues, which they presented.

3. Group Assignment. Each group was expected to come up with a name and a mission statement on how they could bring positive change in Mathare.

4. Reflection: Unique Selling Point (USP), Personal branding and doing(PB) and individual Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats analysis (SWOT).

Generally these were the key topics during the well attend sessions. In my plan I balanced between main lectures, group presentations, individual presentations, question and answers, and of course breaks in between! I thank CMETrust for this great opportunity and I’m always willing to visit any youth led institution in the country and abroad to share my story and that of many others. All this falls under my passion of doing what I love and loving what I do!

Below are some pictures - they speak more than words!

 Introduction, expectation and this is / was my journey?

Lectures on session

Individual presentations; Who I am?

Discussions in groups: creating a name for the group and mission statement for what you would wish and also works towards positive change.

Presentation of slogan and mission statement for positive change.


  1. am ever amazed by your outstanding abilities to influence the youth.You are a great source of inspiration to me

  2. great work brother and keep the good spirit in you .

  3. Great article Wilson. Keep up the good work. All the best!

  4. I can see we will go places keep it up.