Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exchange Program Nairobits & Kampabits

Nairobits Trust (Kenya) in collaboration with Kampabits (Uganda) has been working in partnership to strengthen their training especially at the Media Lab level since inception of the new Bits in Kampala. Experienced trainers from Nairobits connect with other Bits teams all over the region (Kampala, Arua, Zanzibar, Addis Ababa and Musoma) either during the set up of a new Bits, curriculum development, virtual meet ups. Learning exchange and during Co-creation workshops Etc.

This initiative has seen the Bits model grow in many strides and very soon there’s going to be another Bits set up in Northern Uganda in Arua called AruaBits in collaboration with Butterflyworks and other partners. My visit to Kampabits was pegged on the same mission of the Learning Exchange (LE) and working together with the staff at Kampabits with the view of strengthening the already developed structures giving alternative approach to the training and self exploration for the grandaunts who will be graduating on the 14th June 2013 before they come in contact with the competitive market.

I have always developed a great passion in sharing skills and knowledge with the young people around the World and I thank Nairobits for making my dream come true through their unique program. The objectives and approach in my teachings during mission such as Kampabits, is to develop an all rounded students who can apply logic and creativity when necessary whereby my ultimate goal is to always inspire good leadership, positive thinking, responsible citizenship, tolerance, self-awareness, learning by doing, passion driven approach Etc.

Training Objectives mission May 2013;

The main objective of the training exchange at the media lab in Kampabits focused on technical, creative and soft skills. Below is the summary of what was covered in class:-  

1. Technical Skills
  • Joomla content management system
  • Understanding the CMS building Blocks
2. Business writing skills
  • Writing CV
  • Writing a personal Bio
3. Life Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Online Presence (Personal Branding).
  • Who I am? (Self Discovery) Personal SWOT Analysis
4. Learn to Learn ( Approach to Learning New Things)
  • The basics of Information gathering (5 W's & 1H) Who, When, Why, Where, What & How
"It was a great pleasure teaching the youths and working together with the team in Kampabits and I look forward to more initiatives to connect with youth around the globe!"  

 Some Pictorials!

 Wilson Visit Kampabists in Kampala 
 Wilson Masaka at Kampabits
 Wilson Masaka at Kampabits

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Wilson Masaka Senior Trainer / Web Developer
Nairobits Trust

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