Monday, July 22, 2013

My Learning Curve at Amani Institute Social Innovation Management (SIM).

Amani Institute

From the day I applied for the SIM course and later attended the interview at Adams Arcade, I was filled with desire (which is still present) and a sense of good things to come if I was selected to particiapate in the program. My goal is to Interact, Explore new fields, Learn and Share Experiences. I have been interviewed in many ways but the approach which the Amani team is using is exceptional. I love the blend of professionalism and social connectivity (Trying to find the best in someone) with the interviewers who create a learning experience in conducting an interview in different styles. For example, an interview doesn’t have to be in an office set up. In a special way, thanks to ILA and Roshan for such an encouraging interview and follow ups.

I have learned a lot in Amani’s great environment which includes :
  • Bio Mimicry & Connecting with Nature.
  • Quick Pitching Versus Time Management.
  • Working in teams and support groups around my initiative.
  • Eight words within a mission. 
  • Presentation techniques, learning from other people, and feeling ignited with energy to even do better.
 I love all the presenters and their presentations, but Jabari’s presentations always leave me connected with myself. This is another way in which cultural diversity can trigger inspiration into other societies. Working in teams like the peer group, the buddy system and mentors is a great idea which has helped me go to the root source of discovering my untapped potential connected to the inner voice within. These supports teams have helped me open many new horizons.

I have also learned to listen especially when somebody either shares a question or comment that seems insignificant during brainstorming sessions. So, rather than keep quiet, I have embraced the act of positive engagement in terms of giving honest feedback without postponement or dismissing other people’s viewpoint. Appreciation I highly appreciate the learning approach especially the manner in which we have embraced technology ( teleconferencing with experts abroad) and also the planning that goes around everything.

It gives me an in-depth understanding of how an effective team can pull together different skills, experiences and energy. Lastly, I am indirectly learning how to manage people from different backgrounds in a creative environment. I have been receiving a lot of questions from my friends about why I think Amani Institute is a great place for learning as a young change maker. Here is the answer, pictures speaks louder! If you like it crown this in your companies and organization and you will see ripple effect in result, passion and teamwork.
Amani Norms SIM class 2013

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