Thursday, April 17, 2014

Young Champions in Africa - Ghana

Kofi Yeboah is a blogger and a member of a vibrant youth organisation in Ghana called GhanaThink Foundation. Kofi is the coordinator for Barcamp Ghana, one of GhanaThink  Foundation’s  programme that is focused on bringing together young people in Ghana to brainstorm on solutions to local problems.

Barcamp Ghana executes its vision by organising youth focused events across the 10 regions of Ghana and have trained over 3000 youth in various fields. Kofi is also an active member of the Global Voices Online – an international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from all over the world. He writes stories about the emerging technology development in Ghana and Africa.

Kofi is a fellow at the Amani Institute, Kenya – an institute that focuses on preparing next-generation talent to tackle global challenges by filling the gap between university and the workforce through a new approach. 

He was selected to be a part of a panel of bloggers and social media savvies on “The Stream”- Aljazeera for a discussion on the effect of social media on the Ghanaian 2012 election.
He is a Freelance Social Media and Contributor Engagement Manager IQ4News – an online news agency based in the UK that writes and reports on Africa.

He is currently working with Clean Team Ghana, a sanitation company that is focused on providing innovative sanitation solutions to the urban poor in Ghana- as a communications officer.

Advice: "The youth should be bold enough to take the risk to believe in their capacity and to start on their own. Make the mistakes and do not fear to ask when the need be."


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