Thursday, May 8, 2014

DO IT, Talk Less & Do More Campaign.

Story Line T-shirt Edition 2014

The extent to which the young people have great ideas on how they can influence positive change in their communities through their skills and talents is amazing. But the big question is where do we go wrong?

When I reflect on my change making journey, it is clear that one needs to have great tenacity, focus and determination to move their ideas from a dream bubble to actual implementation.  Currently, I am still in the development stages with the Wilsen Initiative (Wi) project and I always need to re-fuel new energies through continuous learning, and keeping my passion in check by doing what I love.

Here are some TIPS from my journey;

  •  You need to develop mastery of your project road map by asking yourself the Why, What, When, Who & How questions.
  • Collaborate with like minded people and those who complement your skills and are passionate about the cause.
  • Use the Tell & Show principle; do something starting today with zero budgets. Some people ask how this is possible and I assure you money isn’t everything. You need to build a network of passionate team around you first before you ask for funds.
  • Start today, DO IT and you will learn new skills and meet learning opportunities through various challenges in the process.
  • Be passionate and love what you do.
  • More action than words.
  • Share your ideas, time and resources.
  • Keep on evolving with time.  
  • Celebrate failures and use them as a starting point of new discovery and learning.
On 1st May,  a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people called Labor Day, I launched the T-shirt DO IT edition which will seek to encourage a new generation of Doers, Leaders, Creative’s, Change makers etc, in our communities starting with implementing the simplest ideas evolving itself into a life changing project or business.

The storyline of the new t-shirts is called; Tell & Show -Turning Our Ideas into Action.  

T-shirt design is one of my canvases for expression, and I love to connect with the series that involves personal and social transformation in making the World a better place.  So start your cause today, it can be through writing, singing or anything else that you love doing.

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