Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shaping and Sharpening My Career Path

I’m very humbled to start another 10 weeks of my career path in Creative Entrepreneurship course which began on Friday 16th May 2014. It’s a great honor meeting other creatives from musicians, designers, audio and visual experts, painters, sculptures etc.

The course outline

The course will cover a broad range of topic areas, linked at every stage with the actual challenges and opportunities of your creative life.  We will, for instance, link related issues of the Creative and Cultural industries to such areas as entrepreneurship models, explore the use of Communication and ICT, digging into the application of gadgets and tools, and unpacking social media; matters of branding, and more mainstream media will be covered under Marketing and Public Relations, while concerns with legal issues such as copyright, cultural policy in relation to the practice, or indeed, matters of sustainability will also be tackled.

A big thank you to the GoDown Art Centre for this great rare opportunities for creatives in our country.

With Juliani, Kenyan gospel artist who is known for his prowess in hip-hop music

With Vioja Mahakami and Vitimbi crew

During the opening session, our journey's to creativity

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