Friday, March 20, 2015

Brand Identity - Get Yourself Branded!

One of the things I love doing is creating a new brand identity for my fellow creative’s. We can’t have all the skills to do everything on our own, thus the need to collaborate and share skills to enable each other get a slice of the market share in our industry.

Choosing colours to use for your brand isn't easy if you don’t have one in place,  if you aren't knowledgeable you might use all the colour palette or even worse all the colours on the rainbow which might give you zero return on investment (ROI).

Many factors influence our decisions on the best approach to take, for example choosing  slogans, names, typography, images, colours just to mention but a few. There is  a big gap in creative industry especial for the start-ups who want to create great brand identities with zero knowledge and skills.

I'm passionate and I love to learn while offering my skills on the Pro - Bono basis for any upcoming musicians, fashion designers, painters, film makers, entrepreneurs etc. This quarter I'm proud to have offered solutions for Boaz Creatives and Mt. Hanang travel and tours, below is few samples of my work.

Tags: Colour, typography, logo, business cards, slogans, visual appeal and design that will last the test of time.

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