Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why Do People Work?


Soon it will be Labour Day, 1st May 2015. Let us contributed to the list, how many points can we can reach before 1st May!

Think of your top 3 in the process… Why do people work? Somehow seems obvious, but it is not, think of your top three to this question.

1. Earn own money
2. Earn respect
3. Because other people work.
4. Pay bills and acquired debts
5. Get more money
6. Save and invest
7. Get rich and wealthy
8. To make a difference in self and others
9. Get out of poverty
10. Plug in innovation and development of trends, community etc.
11. I have dream, target or goal
12. Take care of family
13. You love what you do.

What else?

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