Wednesday, August 3, 2016

‎I Have A Dream


There is a big difference between Dream killers and Dream Makers; here are nine ways to deal with dream killers; from @wilsenx diary...
  1. Don't share your plans leave them guessing.
  2. They will label you all sort of names but that's them, you have your own version which you should focus on.
  3. Consult wisely and widely but remember to evaluate the entire cycle, for example instead of age sometimes experience counts more.
  4. Stay focus because dream killers are good at spotting your weaknesses and they will rarely comment on your strengths.
  5. Build your brand value and don't expect a brick from a dream killer while laying your foundation.
  6. Don't forget to listen to dream killers they expand your notion towards realization.
  7. Make them feel they are experts in your dream and soon or later they fade once everything comes to play.
  8. There's no right timing in dreamland ask the right questions and serge forward.
  9. Don't mistake a critical thinkers and dream killers judge not until you validate all assumptions and suggestion.

What else? 

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