Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Upraising‬ in Schools in Kenya

‪#‎SchoolsUpraising‬ we are witnessing waves of schools being burnt all over the country which hasn't been witnessed before... but have you asked yourself what you can do in your capacity to shape a great future for the next generation?

On 30th July 2016, I was invited at Kinyago primary school in Dandora to inspire the class eight canditates on how they can think critically and creatively about their personal development during and after school.

The main objective was to trigger new thinking and patterns in their class work and out of class approach that will enable them not only pass exams but be responsible citizens in their next transition of life.

Below are the subjects that was covered;

  • Planning and time management (Group work exercise) Objective:  Appreciate working together, how to plan effectively and how to manage time effectively.
  • Study habits / Personal timetable / Research, Reference  (Insight by the facilitator) Objective: How to foster continues learning patterns
  • Self-driven / attitude/ interests / self confidence  (Group Discussion) Objective: Learn different way that influence our self esteem

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