Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Are You a Web designer or an ICT Expert?

On Sunday 5th February I was privileged to visit Sama Source offices in Nairobi, where I shared my journey in ICT and design with a group of aspiring web designers and developers joining the master classes organized by Sama Source.

My journey in web design and development started in 2000 and still going strong... #LifeLongLearning 

Below are my key highlights of my presentation; 

Trends to check out in 2017

  1. Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing
  2. Mobile Application development 
  3. IOT – Internet Of Things Artificial Intelligence 
  4. Branding 
  5. Big data 
  6. Responsive web design 
  7. Frameworks e.g Bootstraps, CMS, Canva etc. UX and UI
Tips for Up Scaling

  1. Learn the tools ( Softwares)
  2. Join a community of designers or developers / programmers 
  3. Self learning and pro bono assignments 
  4. Learn a least two programming language
  5. Learn some coding even if you are a designer 
  6. Think of the users their needs also are changing with time. 
  7. Love the process as much there are frameworks etc. 
What You Can DO is the END GAME #DeathOfCV 
More about me www.wilsenx.blogspot.com wilson.masaka@gmail.com

#MyJourney Sharing our journey's might spark new trails for others to follow...

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