Friday, March 23, 2018

Skill UP Reach Out At Maji Mazuri


It was a great pleasure to join Maji Mazuri level one presentation whereby students showcased their projects to the audience. I gave my in depth review and encouraged the students as they usher in level two starting next week. Keep up the great work Jip Well, Daniel Kyuna and Zadock Sewe all the best and we keep the collaboration growing  #SkillUP

Part of my review;

1.Conceptualization ( sketch, think, screen, print, user etc)
3. Presentation
4. Quality execution (the process).

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Wilsen Initiative Skill UP MASTER CLASSES (Short Training)

Are you a Youth Group or CBO looking for team of experts to help you sharpen your skill to the next level (Learning Curve)? We are here for you Wilsen Initiative Skill UP MASTER CLASSES (Short Training).

The Wi Experience... Attitude - Skill - Knowledge
Program: Skill-UP Training Boot-camps and Master Classes.
Participants: Youth groups and CBO’s Venue / Host: CBO’s / Youth Group Office Number of participants: Foundation: 10 to 30 people or Mastery: 5 to 15 people

Aim and Target Group 

We target young people who have finished their secondary, college education ready for the job market and pursuing further education. “Ready To Work”.  We also work closely with young people currently in school and mid-career youth running community based organizations or employed with by other organizations. 

Our Area of Specialization

Creative entrepreneurship, Soft skills (Lifeskills), Digital Marketing, Web Development and Graphic Design, Personal Branding, Painting classes, Financial literacy, Blogging, Photography and Internet Research.

The Wi Experience... Inspire -Connect-Educate

Foundation :- This provides a good basis for acquiring the right Attitude, Skill and Knowledge (Ask Model). Number of sessions to subscribe is between 3 to 10 (equivalent to 3 to 10 days) depending with your need.trained on the half day depending on the chosen subject. Charges at this level Kes 300 per session each person. Number of participants in a session is 10 – 30 people.

Mastery :- This level provides a more in depth skills and knowledge in more technical skills for example, learning the deeper layer of how a website is built, learn how to code with CSS, HTML, PHP, Graphic Design, Web development tools, etc. Charges at this level Kes 500 per session each person. At least 10 sessions which is equivalent to 10 days. Each session takes 6 hours per day. with number of participants 5 to 15 people.

Note: You may spread the days into Saturdays and Sundays only.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Most of youth admire the life journey of successful entrepreneurs but are afraid to jump start their own journey for the fear of failure. I have listen to many entrepreneurs at different talk shows and television program, one thing they will always say is to start and learn from the process as you move. I'm convinced that as much as we need to start, there needs to be a thought process in whatever business you want to do and as the famous quote says “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” ― Benjamin Franklin. So what does the word START mean to me?

  1.  Set goals for the business. Write down why you want to do the business and the expected outcomes. For example; To make a profit margin immediately, Serve a gap in the ecosystem while making profits, Grow the industry and become a lead player etc.  
  2. Target a niche market. There are many markets both for services and goods. Ask yourself what industry do you want to plug in? Who are your target customers? Who are your competitors? This part comes in handy while doing the market research before launching. 
  3. Align your product with clients need or want To learn what the client wants / need versus what they are using currently. You will need to interact with the market to gather information. Alignment means providing services with an informed mind or strategy (business intelligence).
  4. Research continuously Don't rest, to be the number one provider you need to stay alert and adjust your strategies with the emerging trends. You many launch promotional campaigns, customer feedback channels, social media engagement to evaluate how you are performing without making guesses that might mislead in your next product launch.
  5. Timely launch your product. Your product performance is determined by many factors, one being the time you launched it. Through your informed research and understanding your clients need you may decide to launch a product for a short term or long term period. Good examples; Christmas gift packs are a short term, while as for gift pack collections is more long term with a variety of products. 
 Fore more insights visit;

Monday, February 19, 2018

People's Influence in Achieving Your Dream.

First and foremost, let us look at what is a DREAM?

Source; online search;
  1.  A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Wikipedia 
  2. A cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. 
Our dream moment can happen in any stage of our life, and from the start the dream can happen at any time of the day not necessarily at night. We live in a purposeful space where majority if not all, have dreams that they would want to turn into reality, the fact is that we might have the same dreams, but the way we walk through into the reality pathways would definitely be different and of course there is a list of factors that can make us succeed or fail.

I want us to look at the external party in our dream as much as we have the biggest role in making it happen or otherwise. Think of people around you for example; your parents, siblings, co-workers, relatives, spouse, friends, teacher, mentor, etc.

The question is are they supporting you in achieving your dream? And did you know what people say about your dreams might either motivate you, even better see many possibilities in your dreams or in worst scenario lose momentum?

I can classify this situation into two personalities; Dream Shapers and Dream Killers. There are many things that can be classified as either dream killers or shapers. My journey building Wilsen Initiative (Wi) I attribute the success achieved so far to people who believed in me and have continued to support the ideas moving to the next level. Just to mention a few my family, my wife, my mentors, co-workers, Wilsen members and my students.

They made me feel that I was on the right path and should there be any ideas out of the box that could compliment the effort they shared with an open heart to see us all succeed and whenever I failed they still came to my rescue to offer the next ladder for learning.

In our dream journey we are most likely to meet the two people as Dream Shapers or Dream Killers. In my journey I have been lucky to work with many dream shapers as opposed to dream killers in the context of personality. Let me elaborate further who are these people and what influence they might have in your dream pathways.

Seven things your need to know about Dream shapers and Dream Killers;

 Dream Shapers – People who assist or you might partner in reaching a dream. 

  1. They listen more to other peoples dreams and see where there is connection to partner or even offer referral. 
  2. Their key value is EMPATHY. 
  3. They are good candidates for mentors.
  4. Nurture the idea to the next level and they understand the dream journey.
  5. Very are objective in their feedback loop. 
  6. Invest resources that would support their dream and in connection with others. 
  7. Open to new ideas, with a good balance of reality check. (SMART Model). 
 Dream Killers – Refers to people who might pose threats or blocks in reaching your desired dream. 
  1. They ask why not them.
  2. Might compare their journey with yours not necessarily to help but to QUESTION? 
  3. Their resource is limited to themselves.
  4. They are not a good candidate as a mentor.
  5. Impossibilities is their language and attitude in understanding the dream journey might be a challenge. 
  6. It takes them time to believe in other people dream.
  7. They don't motivate you to be in their company. 
I know there are many factors that can address this subject (dream killers versus dream shapers), but I believe in a dream that is nurtured among people then followed by surrounding circumstances. You need to believe in yourself before other people believe in you, and think of what makes your character, habits and behavior align to the dream you want to achieve.  Build and encourage a community based on a set of values to shape your dreams which at some point is interlinked by either experiences, values, desire etc.

 Inclusion don’t just cling to a dream because it's your own, but run it through the SMART test before you start the journey into realization. SMART Test; S = Specific M = Measurable A = Attainable R = Realistic T = Time bound 

Here is a nice article to read further on Ten Dream Killers and How to Avoid Them 
Get in touch with me for a live session with your youth group. Write to me wilson.masaka[at]

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Three Stages of Talent Development

Many kids in the informal settlement live in an environment where their talent discovery process goes through 'unstructured' routes. It is a situation where everyone tries to do almost anything that come their way, talk about role model and the story is still the same on how they grew up in a tough condition not knowing if what they were doing could pay off one day.

 Growing up as a kid, I used to love soccer, which was triggered by my late dad who was a sportsman (he played hockey and soccer). My dad used to take us to the big matches to watch him play and sometimes watch other top clubs play in the national stadium.

This isn't the same for all the kids, most of the parents' time is hugely consumed in fending for the family daily needs. Talking of grass-root soccer majority of the kids are enrolled into teams that are managed by young coaches who can only provide limited support, especially providing a ball for the team.

On the other side, organizations that deal with soccer activities are also overwhelmed by the growing numbers of talented kids whom they can't find space to promote to the next levels because of the required resources. This situation has left many talents untapped unlike in Europe and America where there are good structures to support the talent from a younger age while also linked to the education system.
My son Adrian Kalotu 5yrs - at early stage of spotting

Even though there are some little signs of hope in some soccer academy models coming up in Nairobi, many deserving kids from informal settlement still can't afford the fees to attend the trainings.

In my pursuit of finding where do we need the most support, I came to realize that there are three stages in talent development as follows:-
  1. Spotting stage
  2. Nurturing stage
  3. Promotion stage 
 Spotting Stage 

This stage involves identifying what the kid likes. In some cases it might come out from what you expose the kid. The only best way to realize this is to spend quality time with the kid and empathize without forcing anything into them.

Nurturing Stage

This is where you buy him/her the required kits. This is an inspirational moment to discover and also join other kids with the same passion. Promotion Stage This stage requires more exposure for example, playing in a competitive league, get enrolled to a professional academy, more local and international exposure. Not forgetting building career, following the passion and turning talents into a meaningful profession that will earn them a living as professionals.

It is unfortunate most kids in the informal settlement don't pass beyond the spotting stage due to lack of adequate support from both the government and the private sector. My vision is to help the kids to go through the three stages successfully through Wilsen Initiative (Wi) platform.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Five Things You Need To Know About Freelancing

 If being employed is tough, then being self employed is even tougher. I have met many young people, especially in the creative sector who say they are freelancers or they want to become one. Whenever I engage them further why they want to dive into the world of freelancing, one of the obvious answer is that they want to be their own boss.

Did you know the biggest test as a freelancer isn't in what people see as your great portfolio, but the road map towards achieving that great portfolio. Below are the five main things that I consider important in mastering your journey as a freelancer either as a graphic designer, web developer, fashion designer etc.
  1. Your Pricing Model. 
  2. Your Process (Work Flow).
  3. Client Relations
  4. The quality production. 
  5. Time management. 
Your Pricing Model 

The perception most clients have is that because you are a freelancer your cost should be below the market rates. This isn't true, if you offer quality production why not also be competitive with the market rates?. The challenge is when you have no credits or portfolio some client will always attempt to play below what is reasonable for business, the solution is to have a pricing that targets different projects and understand the scope of work before you provide a quotation.

Your Process (Work Flow)

At this stage you need to understand how the production cycle goes from the initial meeting to different sign off stages. Remember to attach this process with your pricing model to avoid exploitation by the clients who might decide not to pay. Always ask for a percentage before you start and have a signed agreement of the project expectation. If the client is your friend having something written even in the form of an email will still work. I have an experience where clients provide never ending revisions at random stages as a result stagnating the process without cost revisions to accommodate the time and resources used.

Client Relations. 

Always stay professional, and create some standards on how you will communicate, respect the deadlines and outline the process clearly during the briefing session. Always evaluate if you can handle the project alone or if you will need third party support to complete the project successfully. Be honest and share your schedule in case you have another client project running on the side, I rather have one happy client than to have many unhappy clients due to poor quality and shifting of the goal post.

The Quality Production.

There's nothing satisfying like having a happy client. One thing that will make your client happy is achieving the desired goal with the greatest quality. In some unavoidable circumstances, you might need extra hours to complete the project, if that happens, you will be required to timely communicate to the client, but while also doing the planning always allocate time for testing and handling unexpected outputs. Quality production comes first, followed by your process (work flow) and your pricing in building a strong brand that will attract the next client.

Time Management. 

Apart from quality and communication, time management is a crucial skill to master. This cut across many factors, for example from attending meetings, deadlines, planning, etc. The scope of work also determines how much time you will take versus the cost involved doing the same.

If you don't do it right, you will end up handing a small project over long unexpected time frames because of not having a clear process in place. Sometime delays are caused by the client not following the agreed schedule, in this case always inform them at the start that should there be delays from their part the project timeline will have to be extended with the same time to fit in the appropriate schedule without compromising on quality. A small fee might be charged for clients delay on a reasonable basis. My point is open schedules are very dangerous, you might end up doing one project for a year.

 #GoodRead Becoming a Successful Freelancer – Learn the Key Attributes Image source: 

All these five key areas in the freelancer's life are interlinked and the best thing is to keep learning with an open mind. Always understand your clients needs before you start. I hope you have learned something in my journey feel free to share with your network and should you have a session I would love to come in person and share with the class.

 #ImAFreelancer #TheBootleNeck

Friday, February 2, 2018

Skill Up and Plus One Talent Boot Camp Training

Wilsen Initiative (Wi) is a non-governmental initiative registered under the societies, that seek to empower young people to use the acquired skills and talent for prosperity. The platforms connect professionals, students, innovators, artist, etc. through building a creative economy using Skill Up and Plus One Talent program. How many times have you switched your career?

Do you know your career choice makes your acquired skills or knowledge relevant or irrelevant? Some of the things we learn, especially in school doesn't mean we will use them all. Our knowledge bank is full of savings are waiting for the next explorations to become who want.

Through informed and proactive approach we shall reach at the level of our unique self with a defined purpose instead of copying what other people are doing without understanding the WHY is our journey. Many youth has been trapped in the puzzle of not knowing how to discover their full potential through talents and skills acquired, leaving many to succumb into the pressure of life without defining how success looks like.

At Wilsen Initiative (WI) we use our experiential program to unlock the youth potential through self discovery, guided by an approach that will promote quality learning and lifelong learning.

We conduct master classes in: - Business skills, Soft skills, Digital Marketing, Technical Skills, Web Development and Graphic Design, Team Building, Personal Branding, Painting classes, Financial literacy, Blogging, Photography and Internet Research. Our facilitators are passionate practitioners with good understanding of the market trends as users and innovators.

Skill UP Master Classes and  Plus One Talent:- Offering 21st century skills training using eight approaches;

  1.  Problem solving
  2. Design Thinking.
  3. Participatory learning
  4. Case studies
  5. Interactive learning
  6. Collaboration and teamwork. 
  7. Creativity and imagination
  8. Critical thinking. 

Skill UP - Boot Camps / Master Classes

We target young people who have finished their secondary, college education ready for the job market and pursuing further education. “Ready To Work”. We also work closely with young people currently in school offering multimedia skills, personal branding and career guidance courses.

Plus One Talent. - Doors Of Expression 

We offer painting sessions, games and life-skills training for class 1-8 pupils (6 years – 14 years). The main goal of the program is to develop both the mindset and skill set at an early age that would also form a great value system of how to become better citizens. We tackle topics like leadership, peace building, team work in the most creative ways using music, painting and games. We provoke new value systems (empathy, courage, teamwork etc) starting with inside out approach, this is a platform of expression that will lead to positive self esteem of young people.

We call up well wishers to join us in the journey of transferring skills to the next generations. There are three ways you can be part of the journey.

  1.  Organize with us a session (Co-hosting) :- Link us with a group that would be ideal for the skillUP or Plus One Talent training. 
  2. Donate your time and skill in conducting a session ( Master Class Tutor) :- Facilitate some of the mentioned modules as a master trainer. 
  3. Sponsor a session by paying / donating for space, material and other logistic for a group to be trained.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Death Of Education Is The Key, It's The Foundation.

We are living in the most competitive and amazing time where the majority have been educated, but are still unemployed or under-employed especially the young people. On the flip side the window of opportunities continues to open up to anyone who is ready to adapt despite their education levels, especially in the IT industry and the Small, Medium Enterprises (SME).

It's high time we shift our paradigm in our we view life holistically. During my primary and secondary level, we used to be encouraged by our teachers, parents and also there were many praise songs towards education because by then a big percentage of both the old and young were uneducated. I can remember this Kiswahili song “... someni vijina muongeze pia bidii, mwisho wa kusoma mtapata kazi nyingi sana” in translation this means young people get educated so that when you're done with your education you will secure many jobs.

I don't know if this is the situation at this time of age, and do we have enough jobs for all the graduated every year? In my reflection I'm wondering if the philosophy is still valid in comparison to our economy that has been facing challenges in matching the number of graduates versus the opportunities created by public and private sector and more importantly how many startup ventures by graduates for job creation.

I think it is high time we start to encourage the youth through lectures that foster quality education and lifelong learning, but also not forget the other spheres of life, especially thinking job creation, talent nurturing, partnership, lifelong learning attitude, entrepreneurship mindset, personal branding etc.

The reason why education isn't the key in my philosophy, it's because with the changing times the key is shifting in different sphere of our life even after acquiring the best education possible. Let me use an analogy using the house, we have the door, roof, window, key, walls and the foundation. For stable house one needs to do the foundation right.

 I support SDG4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Here is more insight about the house analogy;
  1. Education = it is the foundation and everyone should get a quality education from the start.
  2. Your brand = You need to develop a brand that people would love to be associated with. This becomes the wall 
  3. Your certification = Get the best qualifications and certification because this is what opens the door of opportunities. 
  4. Your experience, portfolio & network = To open the door of opportunities there are many padlocks and your key is what you say and what you can do (show and tell). 5
  5. Your vision & aspirations: What aspiration do you have and what about your vision. This become the roof. 
  6. Your career: Your career choices is also a window of many opportunities. 
 This is a philosophy which I believe if adapted at an early stage will develop the DNA of young people to think entrepreneurship, start-up and job creation rather more on job seeking. I wish you all the best in your journey.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Youth Employability Skills

Many at times the youth are told that they do not have employability skills, let me share my thoughts on this topic. What is Employability? It is the packaging and capacity building of oneself with skills to be productive to him/her and to society. It is about what you can do for yourself today for a better tomorrow in employment or entrepreneurship.

It is involves building one’s skills and capacity to identify and tap Income Opportunities but not only jobs. Employability is simply being WORK READY. Employability skills are skills that make one so reliable, relevant and useful in the daily business processes. These skills are useful in general life, personal development, formal employment and in entrepreneurship.

They make one Empowered: “Empowerment is building ones capacity to have options, see options and create options to address challenges” Kelvin Keya These skills are hardly taught in a classroom set up but harnessed through experience and practice. Some of the skills include Communication skills, Team building/work skills, Problem solving/ Leadership skills, Initiative and Enterprise skills, Planning and Organizational skills, Self -management skills, Learning skills, Technology and related skills, Self -belief /Confidence skills, Change management skills, Financial Literacy skills and Time management skills

Some pathways to employability 

  1.  Active citizenship – Being aware, being involved and contributing to your community development. (For example being a champion of devolution or good governance in the county)
  2. Volunteering - Giving yourself, your time, your skills and knowledge to the society without expecting any monetary gains. It can be in your church, to the mama mboga, in an NGO, your county government or in your village. There are exponential opportunities for volunteering for the youth right from their neighborhoods. 
  3. Internship or Apprenticeship – Serving in an organization in a learning or incubate capacity. Let the youth seek or take up unpaid internships for learning and experience purposes. 
  4. Risking out or being a GO-GETTER - Until you show up, no one can know that you exist, that you are knowledgeable or gifted. You have a speaking, writing, singing, sports talent etc, just step out and show yourself to the world. Be bold to apply for that job advertisement, give it your best at interview. Start that business! 
  5. Expose yourself to information - through reading, travelling, engaging in exchange programs, networking forums and keep contact with the networks. Build your net worth such that when someone needs a consultant or a business service they only think of you. 
 Opportunities for employability in Kenya 

  1. SME (Small and Micro Enterprises) - Research shows that 80% of jobs will and come from the private sector. It is prudent to focus our energy, time and skills to commercialize our skills in this sector. 
  2. Agriculture and Agribusiness - It is said that you may need a lawyer, a doctor an engineer once in a year but you need a farmer at least twice in a day if not all the time. This means that we have more opportunities for employability in agriculture yet the farming age is said to be 60 years. Who will provide the food for us youth? 
  3. White collar jobs - they are continuously dwindling but are available for those with skills that match with market demands. 
  4. Sports, art and culture – Time has come for us to commercialize and invest in art. We have many examples of those earning a living from art and entertainment like those on the Churchill show. 
  5. Technology space - We now have online writers, ICT consultants, App developers and technology solution to societal problems. There are amazing and untapped challenges in this space, the E-commerce. 
  6. Tenders and supplies – Let the youth be encouraged to register companies to engage in business with national and county governments, schools etc. It is doable as a good number of youth who have tried this are making it. 
Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship 

Entrepreneurship is choosing part of your life to live and do things like most people will not and later spend the rest of your life like most people cannot.

It is choosing a path less followed. Intrapreneurship is the ability to exercise entrepreneurship principles in daily approaches or responsibilities. Today most institutions look for and hire entrepreneurs in employees.

An Entrepreneur is any individual, who identifies or sees societal problems and goes ahead to provide solutions to the problems. As they solve the problems they get value for their effort on providing the solutions. Good employees are solution oriented and problem solvers, thus one must build their capacity with entrepreneurial spirit to stand out and be valuable to be hired. Young people must stop waiting to be spoon fed and step out to challenge themselves to be employable. No work or employability opportunity will come to us while watching soaps on television or while at parties. There is too much work to do when we decide to work.

 #YOUTH254 Credit: written by Kelvin Keya

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Meet the Passionate Coach with Golden Heart for Soccer.

Today I want to appreciate coach Omore for his dedication in nurturing soccer talent in the community level also known as grassroots soccer. Many successful soccer stars like Mariga, Wanyama, Oliech just to mention but a few came from a humble beginning, playing soccer in the dusty fields such as drago, depo, red carpet and many others. Coaches at the grassroots levels have been instrumental in nurturing our greatest talents and in rare occasions they get to be acknowledged for their efforts or even supported to grow their skills despite facing many challenges in the team and the surrounding environment.

 Omore is a true example of a coach with passion and despite his physical challenge he is one of the dedicated coaches that has many teams in our community in Mathare North. He is in charge of Mathare North Rangers teams from the age of 12, 14 and over 16 years, one of his biggest achievement is winning the top prize of the just concluded Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament 2017/ 2018.

Dribbling skills session with players U14

Wilsen Initiative (WI) has been supporting Mathare North Rangers teams and our immediate goal is to have exposure for the coach and the players through playing tournaments and participating in more profession soccer coaching courses and life skills training to perfect their skills.

We invite well wishers to help us with soccer shoes, balls, uniforms etc, to help our coach and his team achieve the desired dream. Get in touch with

Monday, January 8, 2018

This Is My Story

What does success mean to you? People define success through different lens, for example their level of education, the amount wealth, an experience, material gain, etc. Of course, I have more than one angle of defining success, but the most that is dear to me is when I influence a stable pattern of good change in people's live through social, education and economic approach.

I might look very successful as per the external lens, but I believe I'm still work in progress and looking forward to achieve more in 2018 and beyond. Reflecting back on my journey one would ask if it's by luck or by design?

 I'm passionate about technology, sports, community development and entrepreneurship, whereby championing different initiatives at the family level to the community level. My biggest passion is being the bridge into other people's lives especially helping the youth in defining their path by sharing skills, motivating positive change and training on digital skills.

I have been privileged to interact with young people in India, Norway, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Germany and Zanzibar which has also broadened my diverse thinking on what success means to me and how it can impact other people's lives (The snow ball effect). In the last 16 years and still going strong, I have been engaged in training young people in diverse skills, for example ICT / digital skill, Business Skills and Life skills. My next goal and desire is to strengthen my passion into a foundation which will live beyond my lifetime under Wilsen Initiative (Wi) platform.

I strongly believe that the way we learn and teach others will shape how the next generation will behave. I invite you to join me on this journey towards building a strong network of passionate, talented and professional people who works toward creating a vibrant society of skilled youth through sharing their time and skills.

Learn more about SkillUP and Plus One Talent on 

Get in touch with me on

Skill-UP Boot Camp Training

The cost of learning new skills at the institution is still high, leaving many young people from disadvantaged background to wonder where to start.

Many are left out either because of cost or they can’t meet the selection criteria. At Wilsen Initiative (Wi) we offer quality short trainings that wouldn’t be a means to an end, but start up journey that will ignite a new beginning in self learning using available resources, especially the internet.

 “ Passion and talent isn’t enough, you need to continually sharpen your skills.” Wilson Masaka, Founder Wilsen Initiative 

 Skill-up training boot camp

Who Can Participate? 
Creative entrepreneurs who want to hit the ground running after college. Youth groups who want to be able to represent their personal brand in a more better and professional ways. Schools that want to engage their students in creative approach and thinking using computers and painting sessions. Self-starters pursuing a career in the creative industry (Musicians, comedians, painters etc.).

What We Offer
We offer short courses in Photography, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Blogging, Basic Graphic Design, Business model canvas, Soft skills, Branding, Creative Writing, Financial literacy, Painting sessions and Internet Research.

How Much and Number of people?
We train a minimum of 10 people to a maximum of 30 people in a session. Minimum session: 3 days for the module offered. Any customized session: A time frame and charges will be given. Each session : Kes 300 per person

When & Where?
Sessions will take place at the client’s premise or at an arranged location with the client. The client is responsible for space, training materials, internet connectivity, computers and other logistics for the participants. Contact us on:- or