Friday, April 20, 2018

In Pursuit of a Job

In a society where jobs are hard to come by, the majority of young people rely on their networks to seek help in landing a job that could help them earn a decent living.

I have mentored many young people in the last decade, especially on career development and job placements, and my favorite topics are how to package yourself as a brand (personal branding) and personal marketing. On personal marketing many people don't get it right when seeking for assistance in their pursuit for an ideal job. Have you ever come across the phrase Find me a job ('nitafutie Kazi')?

It's quite common and for sure there isn't anything wrong with asking for your network to help you find a job, but there are better ways to ask for assistance that you can think beyond the same old script. Thinking about this, I have come up with different ways you can think of in framing your request for a better outcome.

#ParadigmShift Six ways of asking for jobs through your network; 

  1. Find me a job! This is a more direct request the only problem I have with this statement is that it delegates your responsibility to the next person which shouldn't be the case. 
  2. I'm searching for a job? This is a much better statements that show that you are actively involved in the pursuit, the only challenge is that it is too open to many interpretations which might mean any job is just fine with you. 
  3.  Help me find opportunities Good one, even though opportunities cuts across many things from jobs, networking, fellowship, scholarships, etc. It means you are ready to engage in anything that would be relevant to you. 
  4. How can we partner in creating job opportunities? This one of the rare cases, but also got a lot to do with self reflection on what you have and what you can do to create value for yourself and others. 
  5. If you come across any job opportunities in the field of web design and development, kindly let me know I'm available. I love no. 4 and no. 5 reason being they are all specific to what one wants to achieve and think about both parties helping in the mission. 
This all for now, in case you want your team (youth group) to be trained on the same get in touch me with me we arrange for a session. #SkillUP #MasterClasses

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