Sunday, July 8, 2018

New Uniform - Mathare North Rangers F.C

It is a great pleasure to connect our team with resources that will help them through achieving their dreams. At the grassroots, not many teams can afford quality footballs, football shoes, first aid kits, etc. through Wilsen Initiative under football for hope program, we have been mobilizing for football kits and materials either new or used to support community grassroots team from 12 year to 16 years. 

We thank Raphael Obonyoael and Obonyo foundation for recognizing our efforts at the grassroots whereby they donated a set of uniform and football to our team Mathare North Rangers F.c under their ongoing campaign that they are running that supports leadership through sports.

 We welcome all well wishers to come and join us in mobilizing for the most needed resources for deserving talents and teams. You can also donate a ball, football shoes or any material you can afford. Step by step we shall nurture future football stars with admirable values for leadership. More about our program write to us

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