Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who knows what the future holds for them?

With the right skills, positive attitude, determination, inspiration and knowledge you will always be at par with what you like doing, be it design work, developing concepts or anything. It's time we youth to think of the future and be prepared for it.

I can remember my first introduction to computer I used application like Dreamweaver ultraDev but now we got Adobe Dreamweaver C4 which has got great features and helps me in my work. We have really come a long way and who knows what is in store for us when you think of technology, I’m waiting to see a baby sitter robot in the coming years. For sure there must be something in store in the next one or two years to come when you think IT. So the question is how do you cope with the changing situation especially being a young person?

My advice to youth is to keep on reading from different sources for example online materials, books, magazines, newspapers etc. A page or two will always add something to your knowledge base especially if you are not a good reader. Just start slowly and you will get the rhythm.

I love internet and since I got connected I have always been adding something to my toolbox for future. Today through my regular online reading I came across this document which was inspiring, I do not know more about John Gardner but this is true;

“We don’t even know what skills may be needed in the years ahead. That is why we must train our young people in the fundamental fields of knowledge, and equip them to understand and cope with change. That is why we must give them the critical qualities of mind and durable qualities of character that will serve them in circumstances we cannot now even predict.” John Gardner (1961).

I take this great opportunity to thanks all the local and International institutions that are geared towards youth advocacy and development in any field of practice. Thanks to Nairobits, Zanzibits, MYSA, Butterflyworks, KCYP, Young blood, Yike, CFK, Chrisc just to mention a few, for creating opportunities channels for youths and prepare them for future.

Through these initiatives great leaders, social workers, designers, developers, sportsmen and women etc, are born. The youth are the backbone of a country so we should always give them the right skills and tools to cope with the future changes.

Keep the good work and sky the limit, so let us prepare our youths for future.

Article by – Wilson Masaka

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