Monday, July 11, 2011

How Wilsenx brand was born.

For every brand to be fully appreciated it goes through a series of transformation whereby ideas comes and go. Developing Wilsenx brand was brought about through passion, feeling (inner voice), change, experiences and achievements; whereby impacting on people’s life positively by creating awareness of self belief and determination in whatever positive plans you may have.

Anyway if you want to make a memorable brand there are 5 things you need to consider as follows;

1. Simplicity – easily recognizable and unique.
2. Memorable – Can be remembered after 1 week? What about 1 year? Etc.
3. Timeless – Can it stand test of time.
4. Versatile – Can it work in different mediums and applications without compromising quality?
5. Appropriate – Does it serve the intended purpose?

Wilsenx brand transformation:

5 years back: Year 2006

Slogan: “Open your eyes”
1st T-shirt: The concept was more of seeing the future and how I could make my life better and that of my family.

Wilson, Akida and Kate wearing Dream to reality edition2008

The concept behind dream to reality is to urge everyone to take off from dream land to realization land through actionable plans. That is why to excel in life you need to refuel your energy, creativity, passion, teamwork etc.

New brand launched: December 2010
Slogan: “the champion in you…”
Concept: Community, positive change, role models, working as a team, talents search, skills transfer, inspiration, and determination all geared towards making the life of others better and giving back to the community.
Front view

Back view


  1. I cant see The Tribe 43 brand.
    Nice designs for wilsenex,
    I like the green one

  2. Hello Ken, haaa : cool here we go

    Check it ou!