Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Boaz Creatives: Logo and Business Cards Design

I love interacting with the creative's, I do appreciate my friend Boaz from Arusha, Tanzania for editing my videos on a pro-bono basis. This you can only find in people who are  willing to share and learn in exchange for other new skills from their peers.

Once in a while I work on zero budgets to help my peers create their on-line and offline identities with the philosophy of sharing new skills.  Boaz had an interest in creating his own unique brand as a motion and graphic designer  pushing his learning curve before reaching out to clients.

As a visual communication designer, specializing in both print and web content for more than a decade now, I have designed different products for friends, NGO's, business entity etc. It was a great pleasure exchanging with Boaz whereby I did design both his logo, business cards and crafted his slogan which he really likes. Next I will help him create a Facebook page and a blog website using WordPress to keep a journal of his work among other interesting stuff.

Contact me  for any web or print related projects, and don't hesitate to reach me at wilson.masaka[at] for affordable prices in web and graphic design.

Check out for my porfolio  at

Below are the final works;

Selected logo on a business card ( his contacts are samples details and this isn't the exact business card size it only meant for the blog showcase)

Design Options!

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