Friday, May 27, 2016

The Diary - Business and Leadership

‪#‎AfricaRising‬ Africa is a blessed continent come to think of it, we only need to change our behavior and appetite to some things and we will achieve our utmost greatness.


1. Visionary and transformative, Leadership vs. power
2. Delete old tradition like FGM and wife inheritance practiced in some areas and many more old practices that doesn't have space in the 21st century
3. Stop civil war invest in our people through education and appreciation of hard work.
4. Proper management of our natural resources
5. Invest in youths
6. Build institutions that will see implementation of all our policies in a fair and square manner rich or poor
7. Redefine our political space and culture it's not about who wins or losses this isn't an Olympic games rather we all should work towards building great nations that forms Africa.
8.Unity of our people despite our diverse backgrounds that makes us special and not enemies.
9. Change our philosophy of going to school which shouldn't be to get employed after finishing school but rather to serve a greater need in the society and by creating jobs for self and others.
10. Built on our hospitality's by integrating more great value like Peace, Love and Unity just to mention but a few.

And many more ‪#‎ILoveAfrica‬

Add to the list this just part of a bigger list ‪#‎YourTake‬ ‪#‎OurVoice‬

#‎Business101‬ The question is how do you survive in a competive and the world of counterfeit of our hard worked idea?

‪#‎MyTake‬ ‪#‎Mydiary‬

1. Unique packaging with your coded quality mark.
2. Easy to use but it takes a unique process to achieve the product. Think for example mobile App. like WhatsApp a few engineers and developer can tweak it to many functions but millions of people use it without a manual.
3. What pains are you addressing? The need vs. your services.
4. Timely delivery and of quality
5. Customer care and customer satisfaction. Value for money.
6. Your distribution channels
7. Your marketing and branding strategy
8. Growth strategy, are you serving community or country etc.
9. Registered by authorities as a product or entity. Intellectual Property (IP).
10. Partnerships to get best quality and cut production costs.
11. Mass production and your pricing model.
12. Mastery in your process and calculation of risks.
13. Adapting to the market trends, being present!

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