Monday, January 9, 2017

The Next Generation Stars, Are They Made or Born?

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Are they made or born?

A good chance our children become what we train, teach and exposed them, which will influence their ultimate decisions when they become adults at least above 18 years. Come to think of it parents always wish the best for their children whilst there are many positive and negative influences that will try to have a part our children's lives, we still have a role to play to make sure they get the best despite of where we live, financial constraints, schools they go to etc. Here is a simple guide which might work for you.

  1. Teach them how to pray. Praying is one of the greatest values if it grows with the children they will  learn to appreciate other values in life like Peace, Love and Unity. 
  2. Let them explore, for example playing in the mud, building something scrap metals or papers, drawings, painting, music, dance, etc. Appreciate them it's where their talents or gifts are hidden and should be nurtured. Everything has a starting point don't be the talent or dream killer. 
  3. Don't 'police' them, but train them on how to account for their time and activities from a young age like from 4 years, so when they grow up it will be normal routine. 
  4. Lead by example if you didn't know children are copycats watch them play with their age group they will imitate what they have seen or heard. You don't expect to tell your children not to drink alcohol and yet you are the drunken master. 
  5. Don't fake your lifestyle, your children will live knowing that is how life should be and when you are no more they will be confronted with the "ghost" of real situation this is especially when you're living beyond your means. The way out is to have what I call realistic shared information which is predetermined by how old the children are and as they grow involve them in family matters. 
I thank my parents for the guidance based on these five principles that I'm glad to share with you today. I pledge to offer the best environment within my means for my children.
Happy parenting!

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