Friday, November 10, 2017

The Life of Upcoming Soccer Stars

Many young people in informal settlements of Nairobi live in communities where resources and opportunities are limited to realize their dreams of becoming professionals soccer stars. I'm not talking from a point of imagination, let me take you back in history about my soccer journey. Growing up in Mathare, apart from school life my second joint where you could find me was in the field playing soccer or coaching kids.

During my days of playing active soccer back in 1997 – 2000, we used to be exploited on the basis of empty promises for example being bought a pair of soccer shoe should one score, but this was never to be fulfilled etc. Things weren't clear and being young we couldn't afford the resources yet our parents didn't support us to pursue playing soccer as a career and incase we got injured in the field it was a double tragedy not knowing who was going to pay the medical bill, leave alone hefty punishment by our parents.

We walked long distance just to play the game we loved, we went without food on the field, got injuries, we won many tournaments and championships some dropped mid way while others pursued their soccer career to date. In my case part of the success was playing for local clubs like Pumwani Sportive, De La Rue and Otto-benecker, Helge Sports, Mathare (MYSA) united all stars youth teams and also travelled to Norway cup with MYSA teams is 1997, 1998 and 1999 respectively.

I know I can continue with a long list as experienced in the informal settlement but the question I want to ask, has things changed since our time back in 1997? My Take At the grassroots there's little significant change especially addressing kids from 10year to 16 years and that is why I'm motivated to at least help address the gaps in sourcing for equipments and social well being of the youngsters through periodic training and coaching on and off the field. 

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