Friday, May 18, 2018

Who Do You Talk To?

#SelfEvaluation #Networking #Networth #Systems #LifeCircle #Youth101 Do you want to know if you are on the right paths?

Here are 10 questions every young person need to answer titled; Who do you talk to? Remember life is a road with many signs and how you consult, research and act will set you through the 'free' ways.

  1. If you have an idea who do you talk to?, 
  2. If you have / don't have money who do you talk to? 
  3. If you have a problem / challenge, who do you talk to? 
  4. If you have an emergency who do you talk to? 
  5. If you have the good news, who do you talk to? 
  6. If you are looking for a job, who do you talk to? 
  7. If you need to invest, who do you talk to? 
  8. f you need a savings plan, who do you talk to? 
  9. If you need to choose a career, who do you talk to? 
  10. If you need to marry, who do you talk to? 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

2008 +throughMylens - Photography Journey

As a Visual Communication Designer, I major in Copy writing, Photography, Web, Print and Video, in general it’s about content creation. I’m a strong advocate of authentic content production and my inspiration comes from many sources.

In my photography journey dubbed +throughMyLens I seek to document the positive side of life especially challenging the usual narrative of Africa being a continent of poverty, diseases, crime etc. whereby encouraging the next generation of Africans to proactively build a sustainable Africa by celebrating the good side and most of all telling our stories and not leaving it to predetermined scripts.

I want to show the other side part of the coin in the story of Africa which wouldn’t make it to the front page of any newspaper because it isn’t termed as news as per their script. I’m a self taught person and I started photography back in 2008 and currently still learning how best to sharpen my skills and later monetizing the skills for quality and affordable prices by training others.

 Genre: Sports | Events | Lifestyle | Travel | People | Culture

More about my work :

Place: Zanzibar, Stone Town
Year: 2008
Camera type: Cybershot camera

Sunday, April 29, 2018

THEORY OF CHANGE - Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

We see a problem in our society, where many young people lack opportunities, knowledge and mentors to develop their very personal skills and talents to the best possible degree they want them to boost their social economic well being. This problem can be understood across five main subjects; Access to quality education, employability skills, skills and Knowledge transfer, lifelong learning and emerging digital gaps.


We work directly with individual experts and companies both local & international and volunteers in training & building the capacity of our target group across the five main subjects. Our work is aligned towards training that focuses on 21st century skills (Collaboration, Teamwork, Creativity, Imagination, Critical thinking and Problem solving) that provides a holistic training that will help youth in their chosen careers.

 OUR MANDATE: We aspire to mentor self-confident young people who inspire positive social change in the society using their talents and skills.

OUR MISSION: We train youth in 21st century skills towards developing positive change models in the society.

OUR VISION: To be one of the leading institutions that inspires excellence, skills transfer and lifelong learning in Africa.


  • Plus One Talent: This a platform that encourages creativity and innovation through artistic expression. We work with in/out of school youth and pupils. 
  • Skill-UP: We offer master classes and boot-camps for youth groups, individuals and schools. We also host boot-camps events that aim at inspiring, connecting and educating the participants towards building their personal brands, business or careers.
  • Soccer Initiative: We organize annual Mathare Festive Season Soccer Tournament while also mobilizing for soccer equipment and materials for the kids below 14 years.
  • Women Make It Happen: This a platform within Wilsen Initiative (Wi) championed by the ladies in encouraging fellow ladies to take part / lead in community service, giving back initiatives, leadership, technology, business and sports as a way of social economic well being.

Download / View [Wilsen Initiative Theory Of Change]