Friday, October 20, 2017

Happy Heroes Day 2017

We dedicated one week to celebrate the unsung heroes in our community before 20th October which is the official public holiday for the celebrations. If you missed the info-graphics on our walls here is the collection of the dedicated days to different group of people in our society.
#CountDownMashujaaDay #HeroesDay Mashujaa Day, also known as Heroes' Day ("mashujaa" is Swahili for "heroes"), is a national day in Kenya, which is observed on 20 October as a public holiday to collectively honour all those who contributed towards the struggle for Kenya's independence or positively contributed in the post independence Kenya. [Source Wikipedia]
Who is your UNSUNG Hero? #UnsungHeroes #IamAchampion

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Youth Employability Training at Maji Mazuri

About Youth Employability Project (YEP) CARE Kenya in partnership with Barclays Bank of Kenya is implementing the ReadytoWork program with an aim of training and facilitating access to job opportunities. The training at Maji Mazuri in Mathare was well attended and all the activities were successful. ReadytoWork gives you work, people, money and entrepreneurial skills you need to improve your employment or self-employment prospects. For more, check out 


I'm honored to have been selected among many youth who applied for the position of community mobilizers under CARE's youth employability project with the main role of identifying and connecting the youth to be trained or take a self paced learning on ReadytoWork curriculum.

It is my pleasure to connect youth with opportunities such as YEP that facilitates the well being of young people through training that will eventually create employment or self-employment ventures. As a photographer, I usually love leaving photographic trails of best moment.

Below are some of the photos as captured. Pay a visit to photograph archive i offer Photography, Web and graphic design services.

A moment of reflection

 “ To succeed in anything you Must first love it, 
 Dedicate time for it, Have a plan, Execute it, Lastly, never forget to learn in the process.”
 ~ Wilson Masaka ~

Monday, October 9, 2017

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Are you wondering why you are stuck with your dreams at one point?

Here Are Steps On How To Turn Your Dreams into Reality #WilsonDiary

A DREAM kept to self remains a missed OPPORTUNITY. A dream written down becomes an IDEA. A dream turned into an idea becomes a GOAL. A dream turn into a goal and shared becomes the VISION. A dream turn into a vision and implemented become FORTUNES

Author ~ Wilson Masaka