Friday, December 9, 2016

NairoBits Digital Garage and Media Lab Graduation 8th December 2016

Yesterday I witnessed another group of brilliant minds ready for the world of work equipped with the necessary skills. I'm one of the pioneer youth who were enroll into NairoBits program in 2000. During our time we experienced a lot of challenges from slow machines, limited internet access, not sure if it was the right course to take, no structure, curriculum, part time trainers, lack of adequate resource, etc. If we made it through all the circumstances anyone else can make it through hard work, self discipline, self starting, continues research, diverse ways of learning and unrelenting desire to make our lives better are among of the things that helped us build NairoBits.

Currently I serve as the Training Coordinator, but I have juggled many other responsibilities in my 16 years tenure in the organization transiting from a student to management levels. At NairoBits 97% of the staff members are alumni and the greatest advantage is in passing the  mantle  of hope, vision, teamwork, skills, hard working, and community service just to mention but a few.

It was a great pleasure leading this year’s graduation and working with inspiring team who are dedicated to matching the best quality in everything they do, these sparks me with new energy and thoughts of how to make our society better.

In a special way I want to thank Emer Beamer (NairoBits Founder), Hester Ezra (NairoBits Founder), Fiona Whelm (NairoBits Founder), Mark Kamau, Ineke Aquarius (NairoBits Founder), Geoffrey Otieno, Don Odera, Faith, Wairimu, Jimmy Ogonga, all my fellow of the year 2000, ex-employees, all the current NairoBits staff and all the NairoBits alumni networks for staying true to the call of our VISION.

Below are some pictures and what was in my mind during the graduation.

#TransformativeLeadership #Leadership101 #ChangeMaking #SustainableDevelopment

If you give people FOOD they will remember you for a moment.
If you give people ORDERS they live not knowing how to do it alone.
If you give people SPACE to try they always think of the next innovation.
If you give people SKILLS they will remember you forever.

A great leader will always strive to make their followers become better leaders than they are! Wilson Masaka – Founder at Wi.

And the winner is...

Awarding one of the best students at the Digital Garage

A big congratulation to all graduates and welcome to world of work. More about NairoBits 

Monday, December 5, 2016

End Of Year Festive Season Football Tournament U12 & U14

At Wilsen Initiative our happiest moment is when we help young people transit into new experiences in life. Soccer / football is one of our vehicles that we use to reach out to young people discover more about themselves (gift, skills and talent).

Accessing good football pitch, lack of resources, lack of enough opportunity, low self esteem, minimal positive role models are among the hard faced challenges. Yesterday we were able to create these positive chains of events by successful finishing the two week football/soccer tournament for U12 and U14.

We awarded the winners with our branded Wilsen Initiative (Wi) jerseys, football and football shoe for the overall best player. We thank the young people who worked with us tirelessly in organizing the tournament and the Pollination project for believing in our theory of change.

#ComingSoon This Sunday we shall host 30 young people through an artist expression workshop at the GoDown Arts Centre.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Plus One Talent: Art expression; My country, My future

This is a platform that will bring young people of 14 to 16 years together at the GoDown Art centre on the 11th of December 2016. Our main theme My country, My future aims at creating a positive dialogue that will promote the values that will foster peacefully coexisting of people. Next year we will be having the general elections and from the street talk and media there is little evidence in organizing a celebration of things that bind us together as Kenyans apart from the forthcoming Jahmuri day celebration on 12th December  (Independence day) which is gazetted. 

It is so unfortunate the small gains and activities such as what we have organized doesn't get the attention in the mainstream media, majority of top news is when remarks are made that are controversial to the norms are made especially towards polarizing us further through tribal affiliations, political affiliation etc.  Thanks to the new media, we are able to share our passion, activities and create platforms that appreciate our diversity as Kenyans even in a little way and as key stakeholders of the Kenya that we want to see.

Target Group

Our target group (14 to 16 years) won't vote come next year, but we want to start somewhere by inculcating a culture of a new generation that appreciates our diversity, make informed decisions and promote the great values of peace, love and unity (peace ambassadors from within). For a great nation to meet its development agendas, we need the effort of everyone without excluding the children and the youth, their energy needs to be linked to deliberate program and activities that will promote great citizenry.

Expected Impact

We work with renowned artist and community youth leaders in facilitating these workshops. The participants get a chance to evoke new ways of thinking through artistic expression, work together and dialogue through meaningful conversations. We envisage a community of positive role models who are responsible to the community whereby engaging in activities that promote great values (Peace, love, unity, hard work, teamwork, empathy etc.) for a better tomorrow.  After art and craft was abolished in the 8-4-4 system the interest of many young people participating in artistic projects has gone below the expected levels because some think it isn't a career option.

At Wilsen Initiative (Wi) we promote art and soccer activities as our vehicles of delivering value through learning new skills that wouldn't be trained in the confines of the classroom. Art is a wide field with many genres from music, painting, choreography etc.

Main Facilitators