Thursday, January 17, 2019

Success or Failure of Any Organization Starts At the Board

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Matters leadership, human resource financial administration and governance are all dear to me. I love expanding my knowledge not only in matters ICT, Sports, Youth, Management and Entrepreneurship but also more importantly leadership, human resource and governance are all within the sphere of my personal development.

Come to think of it one of the success or failure of any organization starts at the board level who inspires a set of culture and provide directions to which will allows the organisation achieve its strategic plan and arrived at a desired vision.

Here are ten questions you should ask yourself either you are start up NGO or established organization.

  1. How are the board members elected, selected or constituted?
  2. Should the board members be part of your fundraising team. 
  3. Should they also commit to some amount contributed to the organization?
  4. How long should a board member serve? 
  5. What is their passion and motivation? 
  6. What is their background?
  7. How is decision making at the board level? 
  8. How do they related with the management team and other levels of the organization?
  9. How is their relationship with the founding team?
  10. How often should the board be trained? And are the policies that guides the boards operations? 

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Reshaping the Board’s Role in Organisational Culture

Culture is a crucial driver of any organisation's success and a critical lever in its performance. It shapes and influences an organisation’s internal environment, as well as its interactions with and success in the external environment. In an organisation, culture is the way people behave, what they believe, and the values they hold – on the whole generally without thinking about any of it.

These behaviours, beliefs and values are passed through the organisation via communication and imitation, from one employee, volunteer or even director to the next. Get culture right and it can drive innovation and growth, promote ethical behaviour, increase customer satisfaction and create strong employee engagement. In essence, culture builds and makes it easy to maintain a healthy and strong organisation that can flourish – as the saying goes “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. But get culture wrong and it can destroy organisational performance, kill employee engagement, provoke customers to leave in droves and worst of all cause key strategic initiatives to stall, fall short or outright fail. In time, a culture that is allowed to become toxic will cause an organisation to wither and eventually die.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Master Session: How To Create Sustainable Financial Portfolio or Culture

Master Session Skill-UP 2019 In your new year's resolution, plan or goals; IS LEARNING A NEW SKILL & NETWORKING part of your list? Wilsen Initiative (Wi) in collaboration with Maji Mazuri has organized a master session for youths to be trained on financial matters that will introduce to the youth the principle of money and how to create a sustainable financial portfolio or culture through acquired skills, knowledge, business, employment ventures, partnerships etc. You only need 20% of knowledge and 80% is your behavior! The master session will be held at Maji Mazuri offices along Juja road next to Olympic petrol station opposite Moi Airbase main gate, from 9.30 am to 1 pm on Saturday 26th January 2019. The session is free of charge and we target youth between 17 to 35 years, there are only 45 seats available, and only those who subscribe through this link will be admitted to the session. So what are you waiting for REGISTER NOW! It is free Visit:

Main Topic: Achieving financial freedom as young people (Saving plan, investment, starting a business, partnerships etc.

Main Objective: Introduce to the youth the principle of money and how to create a sustainable financial portfolio or culture through acquired skills, knowledge, business, partnerships etc.

Meet our facilitator:

Mr. Michael Ogambi; Mr. Michael Ogambi has over 15 years’ experience in finance and accounting. He has worked in commercial entities (General Electric) and Not-for-Profit organizations of regional nature including AMREF-Kenya and South Sudan. He is also involved in supporting art organizations and artists in entity as well as personal financial planning and tax exposures. He currently supports Kunja Dance with Admin and finance.

His main areas of expertise are in;

  1. Financial systems design implementation including development/review of internal controls.
  2.  Donor accounting – proposal budgeting and reporting.
  3. Cash flow management and treasury management.
  4. Financial policies and statutory compliance, Financial reports preparation, analysis and presentation .
  5. Administration operations including procurement process management and support

Monday, January 14, 2019


At Wilsen Initiative we want to bridge gap by providing the most basic resource like soccer balls, quality training, uniforms, etc. The campaign started the year 2000, whereby a total of more than 300 young stars have been reached.

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Feel free to join us in reaching more in 2019.