Sunday, January 17, 2021

Skill-UP Children And Teens Edition

The aim of children and teens master session is to use art to teach life-skills and create a platform that the children and teens will express themselves freely (safe space) on matters that affects their well-being in terms of pursuing their talents, education, handling different life conflicts etc. This platform creates an avenue for the participants to interact with mentors and coaches who are well versed with matters to do with children’s / youth / teen’s overall development. Our mentors have the right qualifications and many years of experience in the subject matter. 

 – Safe space, Open dialogue, mental health, psychosocial support & visual arts dubbed, in the mind of a young person. Theme based on: See / Feel / Interact / Share

Our Main Objectives 

  1.  To encourage the participants to envisage a world of many possibilities in the right direction through what they do. 
  2.  To organize master sessions for coaching, open dialogue and creative arts as seen in the eyes and mind of a young person. 
Vision :- A safe society for all inspired by what we do. 
Mission:- We contribute positively to children and teens chosen journeys through mentorship, visual arts, games and life-skills training. 

Problem description 

There has been an influx of young people roaming the streets anyhow. Young people around 13 – 19 years are at higher risk of indulging in the behavior’s such as alcoholism, drugs and substance abuse, that pose a great threat for their well being and the general society in terms of crime rate and school dropouts among others issues. 

We see a society where at the earliest stage young people lack mentorship program that would engage them on issues to do with building sustainable values, talent management, activity planning, handling peer pressure, hygiene etc.,

We have heard stories of an increased crime rate as perpetuated by younger people who are mostly not fully engaged in meaningful activities when out of school. The skill-up master session will try to fill the gap by working with organized groups to make it easy to track the participants to the levels of engaging their guardians and parents. 

The skills they will acquire will build onto what they are already doing in different spaces. 

 “Young people have great potentials, they only need mentors and coaches to keep their train on the right rails through mentorship, training and coaching. We can’t expect a big number of young people to excel in randomness especially out of school.” – Wilson Masaka Wilsen Initiative (Wi) founder & throughMylens 

 Who can join? 

  1.  Both boys and girls between 13 – 19 years. 
  2. A young person who is already engaged in other recognized spaces or well organized groups for example community organization, community libraries, soccer teams, church groups etc. 
  3.  Children 10 – 12 years, must be accompanied with a parent or guardian. 
Why Visual Arts? Arts helps children and youth develop important skills, for example critical thinking, problem solving, self expression, self awareness, and creativity which can be a good outlet to help them relieve stress. 

All this acquired skills and knowledge can be applied in / out of schools and can help the participants make informed decisions. 

How to provide life-skill through art and dialogue? 

 The participants are given a topic of concern for example Covid-19 which they will be required to express its impact as seen by them in an artistic form. 

The participants will design their own unique compositions in relation to the subject matter using available simple tools and materials The master trainer will lead an exercise that defines a problem and together the participants will develop a solution. 

On the other hand, there will be discussions on emerging trends that the children / youth should be aware of as destructive elements that can block them from achieving their desired future for example explicit music content, drug abuse, alcoholism etc. 

Our Mentors & Coaches

To achieve this we always work with the best and passionate artist, for example Patrick Mukabi a renowned international artist based in Kenya with many years of experience working with children, youth and emerging artists of any age. 

We thank everyone who made the session at Oasis Mathare a success on 16th January 2021. Below are picture of today.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

T-shirt Launch +throughMylens


 It has been a journey and I haven't reached my destination. Currently I'm offering paid mentorship, training and consultancy service in graphic design, branding, photography, social media, creative entrepreneurship, story telling, presentation skills, creative ICT, financial literacy, business model canvas and life skills training. Target Group: - I target youth and youth spaces. 

 +throughMylens Skill-UP platform I encourage everyone to embrace the power of their stories, thought process, experience and anything that you do. You too can tell your authentic story and express it to build on your journey and that of others. 

If you believe in the same line of thought I hereby invite you to join the community of +throughMylens by purchasing the t-shirt which is available in different colours. +throughMylens t-shirt @ only Kes 550. 

A percentage of the proceeds received from selling the T-shirts will be used to host Skill-UP Teens Edition for free in different locations. I hope I will sell a good number of the t-shirts that will allow me to train free master session for teens in different spaces in Eastlands informal settlements. šŸ™‚ Good Read About Activating Self

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Personal Framework Towards Activating Self.

There is no one in the world that doesn't have an idea. Our biggest difference is in the thought process and how we activate ourselves. Time will always remain to be time but your thoughts are bound to change with time. I have been wondering, how many thoughts can a person generate in a day until I 'Googled' the same question and I found that the average person at least has 6,000 thoughts generated in a single day. Note, there are other scientific research on the same topic just Google! 

So it means if I go with at least 6,000 thoughts a day it means in a year a person can generate 2,190,000 (6,000 * 365 days) thoughts which includes the negatives and positives. I believe before an idea is born, the first stage is the thought process which if captured well can turn into an idea. This is my framework in everything that I do or have done successfully šŸ™‚ Thoughts > Ideas > Research > Design, Prototype > Evaluate 

So don't let 2021 be clouded with negative thoughts or let all this thought process pass as you watch, activate yourself and capture at least one positive thought process which you can process to the next level. Below is a detail account of what I mean:- 

 THOUGHTS :- Some would call it brainstorming, but either you organize yourself or not it will still take place. Think of this stage as; Not sure, things happen fast, uncertainty, visibility of opportunity, comfort zone, observation, past experiences emerge, etc. \

IDEAS: - Some possibility of what you can do or can't do, The 5W's and 1H, comparison, analysis, hypothesis etc. 

RESEARCH:- Go online, on the ground, findings, visit new or old places, talks to possible partners etc.  

DESIGN: - Mostly here I will think of the Business Model Canvas to capture everything.

PROTOTYPE: - Running the first pilot, pick lessons, etc. Here is more action while I test.

EVALUATE: - Get an analysis of what worked well, what didn't work, areas to fix in the next phase, etc. At this stage I might jump into either of the above.

  •  "Our emotions are the oasis of our actions." - Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate / Social Entrepreneur. 
  •  "What people tell you about yourself is important, but what you tell yourself determines your next call to action." Wilson Masaka Youth Advocate / Social Entrepreneur.
To protect my emotions and thought process I have decided the following:- 

1. Watch movies or TV programs that will encourage me towards achieving my goals in life. 
2. Read books or content that builds value into what I want to achieve or be in life. 
3. Hangout with friends who think growth and positivity while embracing a shared value. 
4. Look at life as a journey with its destination only known by the almighty God. Seek more intervention through prayers that will eventually build my inner strength and courage to tackle any uncertainty. 
5. Organize my thought process by staying alert in identifying the negatives and positives.

Great Quotes about thoughts . 

  •  “If you realized just how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” Anonymous 
  •  “Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness.” Anonymous 
  •  “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” Willie Nelson 
  •  “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” Norman Vincent Peale 
  •  “Every thought we think is creating our future.” Louise Hay 
  •  “Begin to believe in the power of your thoughts.” Anonymous

The Samburu Experience

The Amani Institute Experience 

Photo from archive by Jerry Zhu during the Amani fellowship in 2013. Visit to Samburu. Great memories within my learning curve.