Friday, May 3, 2024

The Dark Tunnel In Kenyan Football

Today I want to give advise to all young people, but especially to those who adore football and hope to make a profession out of it. I know a lot of young people who are completely devoted to football and find nothing else to occupy their time, and once in my life, I was in their shoes. 

As someone who has benefited from football, I can say that my enthusiasm for the game has never overshadowed my goals of developing myself off the field. I always knew that there would come a time when my body and other circumstances would no longer allow me to play, even though I still had the desire to do so.

The Gap I Seek To Address.

There are countless examples of people who have achieved success in football at all levels, but the sad fact is that not everyone will tell you how they achieved their current football-related success.

Our paths are all unique, of course, but nobody can imagine oneself moving up the ranks using a definite route. Since the system is complex and constantly evolving, even if you are a star now, someone will eventually surpass you in any given field. For those who may not be aware, Kenya in one of the nations that are at the world rankings for athletes, but we are not considered the best footballing nation. Though the circumstances may appear dire, never give up; there are still benefits to the game, such as exposure, networking and life skills. On the flip side, if you are among the lucky few, you can earn a decent living through football.

Proposed Solution

Investing in additional career options that guarantee ongoing education and creation of employment opportunities is the best approach. Choose your buddies carefully, save money, invest in yourself by picking up new skills, and create a second source of income.

Way Forward

I want to use my initiative to educate young people more so they can make wiser decisions both on and off the field.
The calling to action is to use football to educate the future generation, and I would appreciate any assistance in achieving this goal.

IMPACT and still counting...

Teams Reached So Far; Skill Up Master Session Grassroots Football Teams ⚽.

- Bright Future Starlets.
- Red Eagles F.C
- Mathare United Women's Team
- Mathare North Rangers F.C
- Mathare North Youth F.C
- Cusson PZ F.C
- Mathare Flames Sportive
-  Kibera Angels Sports Academy.

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